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A Prophetic Dream Concerning Christ's Return: Jesus Said to Me, 'Farias! Did You Get the Bread?'

Originally posted in Charisma New. 12/06/19. Click Here for link

(Photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash)I'd like to share a prophetic dream I had recently.

Many people were in a banqueting hall, waiting for the guest of honor to arrive. He seemed to have delayed his coming. Then suddenly, through a frosty designed long-walled window, I saw the shadow of a man with long flowing hair, walking briskly.

It was Jesus.

Although I couldn't make out His features due to the frosty window, I could see He was walking with a fast pace in long strides as if He were on an urgent mission. As He walked into the banqueting hall, He approached me and spoke as a military officer in command:

"Farias! Did you get the bread?"

Oh no! The task of keeping fresh bread on hand had slipped my mind. In a frantic dash, I rushed to the supply room in the back and found some old bread from the Salvation Army food bank. Due to its staleness, I started warming it up in the microwave to make it soft and fresh, to no avail. I had neglected to purchase fresh bread before Jesus came.

Oil in Our Lamps, Word and Spirit

The oil in the lamps of the virgins (Matt. 25:1-13) represents both the Holy Spirit (oil) and the Word (lamp). The dynamic of the Holy Spirit illuminating the Word of God to us is what make the Word of God fresh. Many in the body of Christ have their lamps but little to no oil. They have the Word, but they're not filled with the Spirit. Or, they may have some oil in their lamps but no added vessel with any extra oil. This is what will determine the coming separation in the church now and at the rapture.

My wife and I have traveled extensively to churches in the last eight years. We are seeing an unholy trend. There are more and more Pentecostal/charismatic Christians who have a Bible but no oil. Others have no solid foundation in the Word, and as a result, have given place to sensationalism and another spirit. Yet some are not even baptized in the Holy Spirit though they've been in a Pentecostal/charismatic church for several years. They do not have a prayer language, or they don't utilize it.

Here's what the Lord said about the dream:

"I'm bringing back voices that are speaking what I'm saying. My people must learn to hear and discern properly, for there are deceiving spirits moving even among those previously thought to be strong. It is only the revelation and the feeding and nourishment that come from partaking of the fresh bread of My Word that keeps them in Christ and in the light.

"I've given my people many warnings. Remember that in these days I said many would be offended and deceived and the love of many would wax cold (Matt. 24:10-12). Many in My church are being fed stale food. The children of Israel needed fresh manna every day to look for Me, eat of Me and be filled with Me. Learn to come to Me every day to hear what I have to say. The Son of Man was always ready to give people fresh bread because He stayed in the Father's presence. You must do the same."

Many celebrity ministers and well-known names no longer serve fresh bread. They're too busy or idle in prayer, and so they do not have spiritual nourishment to feed the people and are no longer following God's perfect plan for their lives. My wife observed a minister with a household name speaking at a conference and noticed a great difference in their words from years ago when she heard them. Their words were stale and lifeless, even though there was much truth in them.

It's not about a name or a celebrity but it's about a vessel through whom the word of the Lord flows. Truth is not enough. Knowledge is not enough. The kingdom of God is not in words but in power. Such is the state of many pastors and ministers in this hour. Such is the state of many believers. Remember that a big part of the warnings in the last days is that there will be many false apostles, false prophets and false teachers.

Deception is the greatest danger. Warnings could be the greatest ministry.


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