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This is a comment from one of our readers: “I am amazed with the spiritual insight and revelation that I have found in this author’s books. It’s a combination of the old time Puritan spirit of sanctification and holiness along with the emphasis on faith and power and the moving of the Spirit. I am being so well fed and ignited spiritually! I have begun following this man’s blog. His writing is highly anointed, and he even said that it’s his life’s greatest work. I believe that. Why aren’t more readers following this humble man and reading his stuff?” B. D.

There you have it! Honestly, to God be the glory! I hope you’ll purchase one of our books on kindle or paperback. They’re underpriced for sure.

And if you are really hungry you can get all 13 on our USB drive. A $147 value at $79.99.

I love you all and long to feed and strengthen the body of Christ with these books.

Order from our website or Amazon. Please leave a review after reading. It helps others find our resources!

Love and Blessings to you!!

Bert & Carolyn Farias

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