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Much of my regular communication is often with overseas ministers and disciples of Jesus, whom we’ve had a part in pouring into over the years. This here is Lalas Ca who is a flaming evangelist moving strong into apostolic work.

Additionally, he is one of the best interpreters in Guinea Bissau from English, which he speaks and understands pretty well, into Crioulo, which is the street vernacular in their nation.

Whenever I go to GB, especially when I travel throughout the nation, I like to take him with me when I can. He is a very busy man in the work of the Lord, but has always been gracious with me with his time.

Also, he told me that he watches our Holy Ghost Forums online and shows them to his students. He is a diligent learner, but also a mentor, and he passes those things he learns to other faithful men who teach others also (2 Tim. 2:2). That is why he is such good soil to sow into. He is ground that will yield 100-fold fruit.

This morning when he called me he reminded me of a time when we were praying together in the Spirit, and he heard my tongue speaking Papel, his native dialect, and the Lord offered him great encouragement in his mother tongue. Isn’t that amazing how God does that?

From that point on we’ve had a bond in the Spirit and have stayed in touch all these years. I have similar relationships all over the world with younger men and even women who were either former students of ours, or the Lord bonded us together through a sacred time in the Spirit. I could tell you some stories.

At any rate, from time to time I will be featuring some of these heroes of the faith to you, and ask you to prayerfully sow into their lives and ministry. For example, Guinea Bissau is a very poor country and the sacrifices that servants like Lalas make will provoke all of us to greater love and good works.

If you’d like to know more about Lalas’ work and ministry, or desire to sow into his life and family, feel free to connect with him. Lalas Ca | Facebook

God bless you all.

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