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Why Won’t You Listen Better?

Did you know that most people don’t listen well? They don’t listen with intent. They don’t read between the lines. They don’t listen for the wisdom contained in any conversation. I was that way, but I have changed. Since my bout with a long illness, I love people more. I listen to gain understanding, and not talk to be understood, which is what most people do.

I don’t need to be seen or heard. I have no insecurities. I’m content and complete in Christ. My joy and fulfillment doesn’t come from gaining popularity or attention that is often centered in seeking your own will. The Lord is my portion and total satisfaction. I love His attention and my heart is full of praise for all He means to me and has done for me.

If your fellowship with others is governed by what you can receive from them you are still in the flesh. But if the operation of the Spirit in your life ever switches over to where your spirit is ruling you, you will become irresistible to mankind. The love of Christ will radiate through you, and at times a look and a word will convict and convince others of His love and reality.

Western Christianity needs more disciples who have forsaken all to follow Jesus. This death is the way to life. The god of mammon keeps Western Christians from this sort of life. Materialism has them by the throat. The love of this world is drowning them in its vomit (forgive me for being so graphic).

Concerning our faith, Knowledge has puffed us up. Theological viewpoints keep us divided. Charismatic personalities make us cultish. We adore man too much when our adoration should be solely on the Lord. Love everyone, yes! But adore the Lord!

The world sees our carnality and divisiveness, and finds reason to stay away. Let’s show them authentic love and genuine care and raw power, and they’ll come running to know our Savior.

Be blessed!

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