WARNING: This is a very long post for only those who have a deep longing for God’s glory and genuine anointing to fill His Church in this hour.


Think about the out-of-this-world testimony Philip experienced. He’s preaching a great revival in Samaria with great healings and miracles and multitudes of conversions, and then suddenly an angel directs him to the desert to speak to one Ethiopian eunuch. Then when the man was thoroughly saved and baptized in water Philip was translated by the Spirit of the Lord to another place. The eunuch went on his way rejoicing. Praise the Lord!

Question: Do you think Philip testified to the believers about his experience and what the Lord did? How could he not, right? He was on fire! First a great crusade where demons are coming out of people screaming (oh I love that!), and the paralyzed and lame are walking again, and everyone in the city is filled with great joy (Acts 8.  Then he’s caught away in the Spirit and taken elsewhere.

We need the power of evangelistic testimonies today. In old time Pentecost there was always time given for testimonies from the saints. There’s something about a Spirit-inspired testimony that ignites the fire in others in the Church.


Years ago in Freetown, Sierra Leone as a young fiery evangelist I experienced some of that. It is so exciting to feel the screaming of demons as they flee and notable undeniable healings and miracles! But most individual believers are not called and anointed to minister in a crusade-style type of way. I believe the Spirit of God put the story of the eunuch in Acts 8 to encourage every believer that they, too are called to preach the gospel as Philip did to the eunuch one on one or to a small company.


We are all gifted and graced  differently. In fact, we can see in Acts 8 that even Philip was limited. Why did the apostles send Peter and John to go and minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Samaria? After all, Philip was also anointed. Why couldn’t he do it?


You see friends, this is one of the problems in the body of Christ. We try to be a jack of all trades instead of specializing according to the anointing God has given us. Look at Hebrews 2:3:

“God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and GIFTS of the Holy Spirit, according to His own will? (Hebrews 2:4)

The word “gifts” is not the same word as the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Cor. 12. In the Greek it is “distributions”. Take a look at how it reads in the Young’s Literal Greek translation:

“God also bearing joint-witness both with signs and wonders, and manifold powers, and “DISTRIBUTIONS” of the Holy Spirit, according to His will.” (Hebrews 2:4)


Here is a great truth. There are ministers and believers who have special distributions or “abilities”, as other translations say, that equip them to minister in different areas and in various ways. The Holy Spirit and His ministry and gifts are so diverse.

Peter and John came down to Samaria to help Philip in ministering the baptism of the Holy Spirit because they had a special distribution or endowment in this area. Notice there wasn’t a lot of instruction given to receive the Holy Spirit. You don’t need a lot of it when the anointing is there.


I remember Dad Hagin telling us a story about a conference he was in with other ministers. There came a time in the service to minister to the sick, but there was no anointing. You see, those Pentecostal ministers knew the anointing, but they didn’t understand faith and that one can also step out and just minister by faith. They should’ve been listening to Dad Hagin because faith was his specialty back then. We need one another.

There’s been something in my spirit for several months now about discerning gifts and ministries in the body of Christ and learning to flow as one. We will see a greater merging of ministry gifts now in the Church, and lay people who hunger for the Lord will be used more prominently. You can go to our Holy Fire Ministries YouTube channel and under the playlist HEARTBURN you’ll find an incomplete series of teachings on The Supernatural Church. There is much more in my spirit about it. It’s burning and boiling in me. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 I’m currently writing a book on it as it keeps getting bigger on the inside of me.


I remember the late great Pentecostal pioneer Howard Carter, a father and mentor to the late Lester Sumrall, say that he could almost always get believers filled with the Holy Spirit, but his wife had a healing anointing and when they ministered together he would send candidates for healing to her. That’s wisdom.

Now don’t misunderstand me, either one of us, or any believer for that matter, can minister both healing and the baptism of the Holy Spirit through faith, but it’s quicker and more effective when someone is especially anointed in that area. We need to know the difference between ministering by faith or with the anointing. Many ministers don’t.


Carolyn and I operate similarly as a team. We each have our strengths and distributions/anointings in the Holy Ghost. Even though I’m the main preacher we defer to each other in other areas. For example, she moves in the word of knowledge for healing pretty regularly. I am given to prophecy. We also move together in the ministry of tongues and interpretation, but unlike most couples, we can both interpret not only messages in tongues, but often the flow and direction of the service and what the Spirit of God wants to do. It’s precious to us and we don’t take it for granted. We know that no man can receive anything lest it’s given to him from heaven.

As another example, did you also notice that Philip’s healing and miracle anointing  seemed to focus more on demonic deliverance and the lame and paralyzed. It seems like he had a special distribution or endowment in that area, but not in ministering the baptism of the Holy Spirit. There’s a reason why one of the nine manifestations of the Spirit is called “gift(s)” of healing (s). It’s plural to indicate the distinct possibility that there are different anointings for different diseases. Philip was especially endowed for the demon possessed and lame and paralyzed. Interesting, huh?

Again, because I was taught and trained up by prominent men of the Spirit I gleaned these things from them and am now entering a phase of my life and ministry to father and mentor the body of Christ and young ministers in these areas.


One of the reasons the Lord directed us to host Holy Ghost Forums a number of years ago is for this exact purpose: to teach on these various anointings and to demonstrate some of these things. They are fading from this generation. The Lord wants these things passed on or they will be lost to a generation. It’s not too late to come to our next one up here in New Hampshire on Oct. 22-23 at the Crossing Life church in Windham. New England! This is especially for you!


I could go on and on. There are also unusual distributions and anointings in the body of Christ, but once again, because of ignorance, unbelief, or lack of knowledge we don’t recognize them because often they are resident in the least esteemed members of the body. For example, there was an old uneducated Catholic woman back in the 50s and 60s in Mom and Dad Goodwin’s church in Pasadena, Texas that often received Scripture references while Dad was teaching. She didn’t know Scripture that well, but they would pop into her mind (really spirit)  during the service. These references would come to her so precisely. Like Numbers 13:2a 3b and also verses 13-14 and Job 28:8-9 and 15. Something like that.

Well, when this kept happening during the services she told Dad Goodwin. Now listen carefully, most pastors would’ve totally missed it and dismissed it especially since it was coming through a very unlikely and obscure vessel, an old uneducated Catholic woman.

Dad told her the next time that happens to raise her hand. He instructed her, “If I acknowledge you just stand up and  give the Scriptures. If I don’t acknowledge you don’t be offended; it’s just not the right time in the service.” Listen to that wisdom! He told her exactly what to do next time she received something from the Lord. Protocol is important. And because Dad Goodwin was a man of the Spirit and a world class interpreter he knew when it was the right time for that precious woman to give out the scripture references that were being revealed to her by the Holy Ghost.

When this happened there was always a message from the Lord for the church that actually confirmed the things Dad was teaching. It was marvelous! This unusual anointing was prolific and brought much edification and blessing to the saints. When the people recognized how the Lord used this woman, they would scramble for their pens and notebooks and write the scripture references down, knowing that the woman herself had no idea what was in them.


There was another man back in the earlier Pentecostal days of last century named brother Smith that had a very unusual anointing to dance sinners to the altar whenever an altar call was given. When Dad Hagin first witnessed it he wrongly judged the man and thought he was in the flesh. When sinners ran to the altar Dad had to repent for judging the man. Sinners could feel the pull to repent whenever this man danced. Something would change in the atmosphere.  Oh, dear saints, how we need men today who understand these things and can interpret the move of the Holy Spirit in these unusual ways. Not in weirdness or craziness but in the true anointing.

I tell you my heart burns for these manifestations to clothe and beautify the glorious Church. Again, we have much of the counterfeit today, but that does not do away with the real and the genuine. We are endeavoring to do our little part today, especially in our Forums and ministry, with God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s help, to ignite local churches in these things.


I’m not telling you what I think but what I know. You can do your own thinking. Here’s what I know: In this day God is separating Spirit churches from flesh churches. He is building strong supernatural local churches of love and power.

You will never see a greater move and manifestations of the Holy Spirit than in the local church. You won’t see it in auditorium meetings. You won’t see it in television  ministries. You won’t see it in media ministries. You will see it in the LOCAL CHURCH!

But we must learn to cooperate with the Holy Ghost and the anointing. Ministers, pastors, and church leaders must continue to teach the whole counsel of God  and learn to interpret the move and flow of the Holy Spirit.


In the future we will not be sharing these precious truths on Facebook. These are pearls and there are too many swine on FB who don’t value and highly esteem these things. I won’t cast God’s pearls before them. Instead, we will be sharing them from our personal blog on our Holy Fire Ministries website to those who are followers and hunger and value the Word and the Spirit.

If you’ve read this far, you are highly blessed. May the Lord continue to fill and satisfy your spiritual hunger in these days of famine and spiritual drought for the real true word of the Lord and the genuine anointing of the Spirit.

I love you so much. ❤️

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