The Spark Behind HFM

Bert and Carolyn Farias are the founders of Holy Fire Ministries, a ministry committed to carrying the spirit of prayer and revival to the Church and the nations. They minister the Word in Spirit and in truth with a divine commission to draw forth in prayer provision of the wisdom of God for the body of Christ.

Bert Farias

Bert Farias is a messenger of the Lord carrying a spirit of revival to the Church and the nations. An anointing of fire marks His ministry with frequent demonstrations of the Spirit and the power of God. With a divine commission to also write, Bert has his own personal blog on this site as well as being a featured blogger for Charisma magazine’s Opinion section, which has a growing readership of 3 million people worldwide. He has also authored multiple books with an emphasis on helping to restore the true spirit of Christianity in the Church and its leaders, as well as preparing the saints for the glory of God, the harvest, and the soon return of the Lord.

Carolyn Farias

Carolyn Farias is a dynamic prophetic intercessor who carries the spirit of prayer. She teaches the body of Christ how to follow the unction of the Holy Spirit and demonstrates the flow necessary to keep the inward fire fueled and engaged. She has a special and unusual anointing of the Holy Spirit to draw forth in prayer provision of the wisdom of God for the body of Christ.

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The Real Spirit of Revial

In this book, Bert challenges the status quo of Christianity today and redefines its true spirit which is one of revival and of living the Spirit filled life. With one eye on the coming glory of the Lord and His soon return, and another eye on the harvest of souls yet to be reached, The Real Spirit Of Revival takes the reader into a preparation to becoming a true lover of Jesus and a passionate worker in His kingdom. These vital truths that dot each new chapter of this book are sure to awaken you as one from a deep sleep, and light a fire in your soul. If you are tired of a mundane relationship with God and desire to burn with His holy fire this book is a must read.

$ 12.00 USD

Tumultuous 2020s And Beyond

In many ways the entire decade of the 2020s will be the most tumultuous decade in American history. The soul of our nation hangs in the balance. The battle rages, not only for a nation, however, but more importantly, for a cleansed, wholesome, and powerful Church. Instead of the Church being a subculture, the real believers shall become a counterculture. We have come to the brink of the realization now that authentic Christianity will survive without America, but America will not survive without authentic Christianity. This is a book to help believers navigate the tumult of the 2020s to emerge as an authentic remnant.

$ 15.00 USD

Passing on the Move of God to the Next Generation

This book, Passing on the Move of God to the Next Generation, is like a template for the New Testament Church. Its words act as a plumb line that will help restore the uncompromised Word and the fullness of the Spirit back to our pulpits and churches. When we compare the Word that the early apostles preached and that of our more recent Pentecostal forefathers, we find a depth and richness rarely evidenced today. Additionally, there was also an understanding and accuracy in the spiritual operations that are clearly missing from normal Pentecostal and Charismatic experience in this generation.

$ 14.00 USD

Prayer: The Language of The Spirit

Prayer: The Language Of The Spirit is a short and poignant book that helps lay a foundation from the Word for knowing and walking with God. Each chapter directs the earnest believer into possessing a life of communion with God and praying without ceasing. Prayer is walking with God. It is habitual fellowship with God. You can walk so close to God that you feel like you’re in heaven. The key that will move you toward this richness of communion with Him is to not only know the Word but to cultivate a receptivity and sensitivity to His Spirit and presence. You can experience this kind of life in God if you will pursue Him. It all begins with receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and praying extensively in other tongues. This is the language of the Spirit.

$ 8.00 USD

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