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Like a fresh wind in the heat of a summer day, this masterpiece of a book will surely refresh the spirits of true disciples of Jesus and bring understanding to the body of Christ in this hour. As with many of Bert’s books, wisdom screams out to us from these golden pages and acts as another plumb line to those who cannot be bought by the religious systems of this world, which tend to be confined by its fleshly restrictions and the limitations of the mere wisdom of man, human thinking, and human agendas.

The true disciples of Jesus are losing their taste for the shallow and superficial, and they are separating themselves from those entangled in the appearance of spirituality. Many people have become disenchanted with the Church because of hurt, misuse and abuse, religious politics, and leadership caught up in the things of the flesh. Hungry people are looking for depth in the Word and in their relationships, a free-flowing move of the Spirit, personal empowerment, and leadership that does not play political games.

This short book prepares you for a kingdom that is coming, so that when it comes, you will not be offended.

The Nature of the Kingdom of God

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