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Years ago a genuine prophet of the Lord spoke this to me, which seemed so far-fetched at the time: “One day you’ll step off a plane with 20 people and take a nation for God.”

That time has come, as we are combining efforts with CFAN and Daniel Kolenda to do a nation wide invasion of all 9 regions in Guinea Bissau toward the end of 2022, with at least 1-2 preliminary trips. I am rallying a number of evangelist friends to participate in this great endeavor.


We have significant missionary assignments in 6 nations in 2022–







2023- Doors opening for Germany & Europe

Will you prayerfully consider sowing a financial seed to help us?

Bert and Carolyn Farias are the founders of Holy Fire Ministries, a ministry committed to carrying the spirit of prayer and revival to the Church and the nations. They minister the Word in Spirit and in truth with a divine commission to draw forth in prayer provision of the wisdom of God for the body of Christ.

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