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This little book will undoubtedly serve as a go-to handbook for many pastors, local elders, and Ephesians 4:11 ministers to learn to structure any meeting for the operations and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit.

Instructions include:

  • How to be honorable vessels who excel in spiritual gifts.
  • How to keep the move and flow of the Spirit clean, crisp, fresh, and orderly.
  • Staying free from excesses, abuses, and extremes.
  • Learning to give place to the ministry of interpretation.
  • Why the ministry of tongues and interpretation are to be more frequently manifested than any other gifts.
  • Increasing the anointing and flow of the Spirit in local churches.   


"This is one of the most efficient handbooks for ministers I’ve ever read. It is full of wisdom and guidance to minister maximum edification, peace, and order in any congregation."

Rev. Ray and Carol Shannon

Good News Family Worship Center

Barrington, New Jersey

Shaping Local Churches For the Move of the Holy Spirit: A 1 Corinthians 14 Expos

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