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Old Books

Receive YOUR CHOICE of 5 PDF Books pre-loaded on this USB drive. 


  • Soulish Leadership
  • The Real Spirit of Revival
  • The Real Salvation
  • The Real Gospel
  • The Real Jesus
  • Purity of Heart
  • The Journal of a Journey to His Holiness
  • The Tumultuous 2020's & Beyond
  • Prayer: The Language of the Spirit
  • Passing on the Move of God to the Next Generation
  • Cleansing the Temple: Restoring the Glory of the Lord
  • The Supernatural Church of Love & Power: The Zenith of New Covenant Christianity
  • My Son, My Son: Fathering & Training a Holy Generation
  • The Coming Restoration
  • The Nature Of The Kingdom Of God
  • Shaping Local Churches for the Move of the Holy Spirit
  • Divine Order and the Glory of the Local Church
  • Tongues: The Elevation Of A Mystery

5 E-Book USB Collection

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