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In Africa they like titles, but the banner below depicts a very strategic conference in GAMBIA that many of our former disciples and Bible training center graduates from the West African region will be attending.

This will be a time of repentance, revival, and helping to set things in order in many churches and ministries. If you live and/or work in that region prayerfully consider joining us.

Carolyn and I don’t just travel to the nations like we use to when we were younger, but only where there is assignment and inheritance. We are more sensitive now to strategic and high impact assignments where the Lord would have us go.

Here is our international schedule for the remainder of the year.


The Lord told us that this nation was a land of promise and inheritance for us. We’ve ministered there many times over the years, and have a beautiful and honorable spiritual son and daughter there that Carolyn and I adopted. They are setting up large church meetings and conferences in several cities of Colombia.


This is the big one right now! We are building a bridge in this nation to unify the body of Christ there for a great move of God that will sweep the entire nation into the kingdom.


This is a 3-5 year plan that is a 4-prong vision: Evangelistic invasions, church planting, Bible training centers, and even economic development. This involves many parts and a team of mature leaders that will understand the process of the entire vision and see it through to its finality and carry it into the ensuing generations.

Lastly, this vision requires much prayer, many hands, financial partners, and teams and streams of God-called, God-sent laborers. Perhaps the Lord will speak to you and lead you to invest into this heavenly vision. If so, please PM me!

If you are a leader of a church or ministry, or you are an entrepreneur and have a profitable business or enterprise — perhaps millions of dollars and you are looking for some of the best soil on earth to make an eternal investment, please, please contact us, and/or share this with others in your network and nation.

Thank you for your time today!

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