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“Come out from among them and be ye separate.”

In John 6 many of Jesus disciples stopped following Him because they didn’t understand what it meant to eat His flesh and drink His blood. Like multitudes of professing Christians today this proved all along that they were following Him for the wrong reasons.

There was a time under the first covenant when Satan appeared before God and asked to sift Job (Job 1). I can relate to that in a small way to what we’ve recently gone through the past year. I know that by revelation, but I can’t share it all yet because it’s too holy and private. I’ll just say that Satan obtained permission from the Lord to sift my wife and I.

No, he didn’t cause the sickness, but what he did during the trial offered us a great temptation to curse God as Job’s wife and friends encouraged him to. There were demonic manifestations throughout my own trial that I didn’t understand and in my broken-down mental condition could not resist. If I told you, you wouldn’t believe it.

One day I turned to Carolyn in one of the lowest moments of her own trial, when she was in excruciating pain and had to be rushed yet again to the ER, and in frustration I asked her:

“Why are we serving the Lord?”


The above scenario is happening in some way all across the the body of Christ in Western society. God is using the political upheaval and economic and societal pressures to purge His Church from friendship and adultery with the world. He is sifting our motives in order to prepare us for what is ahead. We are in a serious time of judging ourselves. Stop playing church, Christian! Stop your love affair with the world! Stop serving yourself!

Are you serving God for the loaves and fishes? Do you only follow Him when things go well and smooth in your life? How is your attitude when you don’t understand the what and why of your circumstances?

Here is the place He has brought me to after months of not understanding.


I’m not kidding you! You can quote me on that. Heaven knows. It hasn’t been perfect, but I have proved it out. Jesus is Lord! I will never accuse Him! He alone has the words of eternal life.

I am not serving Him for the loaves and fishes. Carolyn and I are not serving Him for the blessings and the benefits. We are serving Him because He gave His life for us and shed His holy Blood for us. That is enough! We don’t need any more proof of His love. We are free!!!

We don’t fear death any more, so what can the devil possibly do to us? Kill us and send us right into the presence of the Lord forever?! He’s got nothing!!! He’s been stripped of all his power over us! You see friends, it’s in the dying to ourselves that we truly live.

What is this pandemic? I spit in its face! What the hell is Covid to us? I’m not being vulgar or insensitive to anyone who has suffered or died from it. If they were followers of Jesus they are now with the Lord. I don’t feel sorry for them! Are you kidding me? They wouldn’t return to the earth even if they could! It’s faaaarrr better to be with the Lord!!! That’s Bible folks!

This is the motto by which we must live by in these last days.

LIVE FREE OR DIE! Or probably better said, DIE AND LIVE FREE!

To be continued…

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