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There are two initiatives that mark our calling.

  1. Unless you pass on the move of the Spirit to the next generation it will be lost.

  2. Unless certain elements of prayer and intercession are passed on to the next generation it will be lost.

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday, but Pentecost is fading today and needs reviving.

“Tell My people that the first requirement for a New Testament church is for every member to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues.”

Jesus commanded His first disciples to wait in Jerusalem for this promise, and to not go out without it. This command is no longer obeyed in much of Christianity today.

It is one of the principle doctrines of Christ listed in Hebrews 6 under the doctrine of “baptisms”. This is a foundation stone in the building, without which the Church cannot stand.

We cannot compromise the Lord’s standard.

Everything we do is based on these two initiatives. They encompass most of our writing and preaching and ministry assignments and mandate.

Our Holy Ghost Forums and international bases are built around these two initiatives.

Personally, I believe that these two initiatives are the distinguishing dufferences between the “wise and foolish virgins” ( Matthew 25)

How can you be ready for the Bridegroom without having received the sacred gift He gave us and shed His precious Blood for?

We have many illegal Pentecostal churches today.

Get this book and give one to your pastor. Help us get it into the hands of every church in America that calls themselves Pentecostal.

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