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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

I have been out of pocket for awhile, but wanted to catch you up on some late developments, especially all our avid readers and friends.

As some of you know, in early 2022 the Lord put two words in my heart. First, He said this was the year of the evangelist, and I understood that to mean that there would be a much greater focus on the harvest here in America and the nations of the world now and in the years ahead. Many nations are now receiving their last call, especially America. To whom much is given much is required.

The second word I received was to focus on Europe going forward while continuing our work in other nations as well, especially West Africa and the Guinea Bissau 3-5 year initiative.

The flagship evangelistic campaign with CFAN in Guinea Bissau has been moved ahead to the Spring of 2023, so the original dates in December have shifted. Instead, CFAN evangelists overseeing the campaign invited me to their headquarters in Orlando to share the overall vision for GB at a vision dinner with many locals in attendance - both entrepreneurs and evangelists and interested others. That, my friends, is the lethal combination. To have the kings and the priests together. The fire and the fuel. The kingdom-minded gospel financiers with the fire-filled and vision filled soul winning evangelists will always create a buzz the room. I can't wait to cast the heavenly vision for this nation changing assignment! Let me know if you're interested in going or supporting the heavenly vision to change a nation spiritually and economically, too (check out our new Orphan page:

From Orlando we've been invited by another CFAN evangelist to participate in the early preparations for a historic nationwide crusade in Germany. Can you believe it? Rinehard Bonkee, the German born evangelist, and CFAN's great founder, could only dream of such, but now his successors are making it a reality. But this lines up with a word Carolyn received a few years ago about a door of mercy that would open to the nations who persecuted the Jews, with Germany being front and center to it.

This week is prep week for one of the largest conferences we’ve ever done in West Africa.

Gambia, our former field of service, will host the conference. It’s a sort of homecoming for Carolyn and I with delegates coming from other countries in the region.

Pray for us, especially Carolyn’s continued physical recovery. This trip will be twice as demanding as Colombia.

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