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The church is God's chosen entity to display His manifold wisdom to the rulers and principalities in the heavenlies (Eph. 3:10). If our national and regional events do not translate into local corporate authority, power, and holy living and character at a grass-roots level in our various spheres of influence, we are wasting our time.

God is in the process of building strong local churches, and I believe that the greatest manifestation of God's glory and power will happen at a local level in this day. The Lord is looking for order, unity and maturity in His body, as well as collective movement and not so much individual movement. Whoever heard of an arm going through an open door without the rest of the body? Each member of the body exists for one another. Dear friends, we must understand that!

Every saint and minister must belong to a local body. This alone would resolve many issues of sin, strife, poor doctrine, and accountability in the body of Christ today. We have too many loose cannons and lone mavericks out there in lala land and cyberspace world saying and doing the wrong things without any accountability to anyone. It is harmful and divisive to the body.

I have heard young ministers tell me quite often, “my church doesn’t support my ministry” or “ they don’t let me exercise my gift”. Humble yourself and flow with the grace of your overseers. Prove yourself trustworthy. Character is usually the issue with these younger ones. Your fellowship with your local body should not be governed by what can receive from them, but by what you can give. That is how the members and various gifts in the body work. They do not exist for themselves, but for one another.

I’m telling you, it’s all coming back to the local church in each city becoming unified, and ministry gifts working together toward the harvest. This will cause a new adorning and corporate power to be restored in the body. Para church groups and ministries will always have their place, but not at the expense of dividing the local church.

You have many teachers but not too many fathers. True fathers never hurt and divide the local body, but help equip it and build it.

(Excerpt from yet another new book, DIVINE ORDER AND THE GLORY OF THE LOCAL CHURCH, anticipated release this fall)

Book #13, 14, and 15 also address these issues.

13. THE SUPERNATURAL CHURCH OF LOVE AND POWER (published in January 2022)

THE COMING RESTORATION (will be released later this summer)

THE NATURE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD ( being edited now)

All my books are found on Amazon under my name and on our website. Click Here to go to Amazon. They will have a sanctifying effect on your spirit and bring you into an entirely different level of spiritual understanding. We have all 13 available on a USB drive for half price. Soon we will add the others.

Prayerfully consider these words of correction and encouragement I’ve written. God bless you all.

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