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Don’t make peace with impotence. Don’t accept any lesser standard than what Jesus established and set. Don’t settle for powerlessness.

Listen friends, there has been a definite measured decline in the power of God in many of our churches today. I believe this decline is directly connected to the lack of emphasis on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and tongues specifically, and over recent decades this is also directly linked to the rise of Woke-ism and the Marxist mania filling the void that’s been left by the retreating church.

It is not a time to retreat but to advance. The saltiest Christians are those baptized with the Holy Spirit. Their power is the resistance the devil fears. They are the restrainers of evil in this world and their effectual prayers in the Spirit execute Satan’s defeat in this age.

Let’s welcome the Holy Spirit back into our churches. Let’s end the diabolical silence on holiness. Let’s surround the sacred baptism in the Holy Spirit and tongues with the utmost reverence it deserves. Let’s get that prayer language and power back into the churches of our Lord Jesus Christ.

That’s what love would do.

(this is an excerpt from our new book, scheduled to be released in mid-September). Which cover design is calling you most to read it?

NOTE: if you’d like to be a part of our launch team to read the manuscript in exchange for your review on launch day, please shoot us your email to

We could really use your help! The book is only 17k words and I reviewed in less than 3 hours.

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