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The end of each year is usually marked by a time of reflection and adjustment for many people. It can be a time of remembering and rejoicing in the goodness shown to you by the Lord throughout the past year, but it can also equally as well be a time of counting our errors, missteps, and poor decisions, and then making the necessary amends, and often heart adjustments, by the grace of God, so that we won’t repeat the same.

I find end of the year holiday time also a time to not only continue to read my Bible, but also read an anointed book or two that I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t found the time – a book that will stir the depths of my soul, challenge my heart, aid in my consecration, and stoke my fire for God into the New Year.

Rick Joyner’s classic called, The Final Quest, is such a book for me. I have found it deals with my heart more than any other book. Do you know it?

This is a book that due to its richness of wisdom and penetrating revelation I can never read but a few pages in one setting. I find myself putting the book down and communing with my own heart so frequently throughout the book.

Here then are a few gems and nuggets of wisdom I’ve extracted from the book:

* True leaders of God’s people who carry genuine spiritual authority must first have proven their devotion through suffering for the gospel.

*When men and women who dwell in such a place of darkness and evil with so little encouragement (the earth), not able to behold the glory but only having a hope in it, choose to suffer for that hope in which they can only see so dimly in their hearts, it causes even the greatest angels to bow their knee and gladly serve these heirs of salvation.

* The Lord never promised that His way would be easy, but He has assured us that it would be worth it.

Some people’s authority in the kingdom comes from acts of faith, but others through suffering.

* The only true security in the kingdom of God comes from continually moving forward into realms that require more faith, which means more dependence on the Lord.

* Heaven is much greater than we could dream of while on the earth. It is also true that the second death and hell is much more terrible that we’ve understood.

* If many in heaven had known on the earth what they know now in heaven they would’ve lived much different than they did.

* The rewards for our earthly lives are the eternal positions that we will have forever. There is no greater folly than to know the great salvation of God, but to then go on living for yourself. To still make it to heaven and learn that reality is a grief beyond what an earthly soul can experience.

* A moment in the lowest part of heaven is much greater than a thousand years of the highest life on earth.

I hope these bless you and do a work in your heart as you think and meditate upon them, for each of them are Scriptural principles and truths.

Stay tuned for more…

Be blessed!

•••A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel (Pr. 1:5).

•••Words of wisdom are like the stick a farmer uses to make animals move. These sayings come from God, our only shepherd, and they are like nails that fasten things together (Ec. 12:11 – CEV).

•••You have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise… (2 Tim. 3:15)

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