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You may mentor many but you can only truly father a few.

Dad Hagin was a spiritual father to me but at a distance. I attended his school and followed his life and ministry very closely. He laid the greatest foundation in my life and had the greatest impact than any other man. Lester Sumrall was second.

Now I learned much from other men and received mentoring from them — even my peers, and some of them have had a significant impact on me. I could name quite a few, but the bulk of my foundation and life example came from Hagin and Sumrall. I’ll name two in honor as they are both with the Lord now. A young apostle named Russ Tatro, and a young prophet named Jeff Tadlock.They were intimately involved in both my life and ministry. I spent years on the mission field under Russ Tatro’s ministry before being sent out apostolically to another nation.

The other I must name is the only real pastor I’ve ever had Jerry Zirkle. He taught me many things about the local church and life in the Spirit.

Now I know men make great boasts about all the people they are fathering, but honestly, to truly father someone is to become intimately involved in their lives. Naturally speaking, I’m involved in my son Daniel’s life to this day even though he is now a grown man.

Jesus discipled and mentored many, but He really only fathered 12.

A seasoned missionary was asked about the largeness of the scope of his ministry. His response:

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’d say I have 4-5 good men.”

I like that! That’s kind of the way I think of fathering.

Paul the apostle said this:

“You many have 10k instructors, but not many fathers.”

To me, fathering is a sacred trust. The bond is supernatural. You don’t necessarily recruit sons. God does the work in both hearts.

For example, I went to Colombia a few years ago, and the Lord knit my heart to my interpreter, Chris Martinez. He pursued the relationship. Then I began to see his heart and I reciprocated. Today him and his family are missionaries in Spain. He was apostolically commissioned under our ministry. He wanted that. I prayed and had a witness about it.

Now we are intimately involved in his life, family, and ministry. We communicate regularly. We have sown significant finances into him and his needs. We recommend his ministry to others and helping him build partnerships for more funding. They are doing so much with so little. That’s fathering.

One time Chris said this: “I’m on fire, but sometimes I need a hug.” That’s a part of fathering. It’s difficult to do that only at a distance.

Now when strangers come to me or even over social media and ask me to mentor them or even father them, I know right away they do not understand what they are asking. Usually my response will be, “have you read any of my books?”

That’s where I start. My books reveal my life, passions, and calling. I’ve sowed many books into many people over the years. I have found that most never read them. They’re not sincere. They don’t value my life and ministry and passion. So why should I waste my time pouring intimately into their lives. I can’t give that which is holy to insincere people. You must test them. If they never attend any of our Holy Ghost Forums that is saying something. They don’t value the relationship. If I sow all of my books into them, which I occasionally do with young ministers, and they never read them or post reviews or show any appreciation, they are not candidates for further mentoring, much less fathering.

Jesus did not commit Himself to a lot of men because He knew they were fickle (John 2:25). We live in a very fickle society. People have underlying agendas. There are so many opportunists out there who have selfish motives. They want to use you to build their ministries and be a success in life. But they are not honorable. They don’t really care about sowing into you.

The principle that Carolyn and I live by is this: We honor those who honor us. Even the Lord operates on that principle.

“I will honor those who honor Me.” (1 Sam 2:30)

I could say so much more about this theme and will in time, but this is sufficient for now. Perhaps in another blog or a part 2.

Bert Farias' books are forerunners to personal holiness, the move of God and the return of the Lord. They also combat the departure from the faith and the turning away from the truth we are seeing in our day. His recent five-book bundle found right here on this website under books, and  written under a fresh anointing, is a forerunner of what the Lord is doing in His church today. His newest release, Turning Your Trials Into Gold, is a powerful testimony of how God raised up Bert and his wife Carolyn from a sick bed and near death.

Me and my daddy.

Me and my son.

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