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One evening Charles Hunter, the healing teacher and evangelist, talked with a man on the stage who said he was healed in his leg, but not fully. He still had limited movement with some pain.

Charles instructed him on how to 'look for the healing instead of what remains to be healed’. Charles taught him how to look for the healing process, not for what remained to be healed. As the man concentrated on what had been healed, and what freedom of movement he did have, and worshipped and gave thanks to the Lord, in a matter of seconds full pain-free movement returned and he walked off the platform with such joy and exuberance and praising God it was like a healing in the gospels. Everyone cheered and clapped.

“Look for the healing instead of what remains to be healed”

John Fenn

My heart has been moved lately with great compassion for those who are sick and diseased. We've received a good number of serious requests for prayer recently, and so here is a message on having faith for healing to encourage you. Although it is 40 minutes long, it is worth passing on and sharing it with those who are struggling and suffering. It can also serve as a good tool for those who want to be more effective in ministering healing to others. It is certainly not exhaustive, but very timely and necessary for the many that are suffering with various bodily afflictions.

Faith and Healing - YouTube

We would be willing to go almost anywhere to conduct healing services.

I love you all so much.

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