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It’s 4:00 ET. I’ve been in a bubble for most of the year. Fresh revelation has been my portion. Love and gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on where I was a year ago. Left for dead. Hope deferred. A heart that was sick. A mind that wasn’t working right.

Now so alive. So excited. Beaming with the joy of the Lord. Drunk with love. Full of unstoppable grace. Fulfilling God’s greatest calling on my life and writing constantly.

Physically, Carolyn has been through worse. Seven surgeries. Radiation treatment that fried her leg. Months of excruciating pain. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I will write another book soon on our testimony to help others overcome their trials and turn them into gold without ever accusing God.


Carolyn and I will begin traveling again in 2022. After 7 surgeries she’s healing nicely now and walking almost unaided. We are both getting stronger every day. We thought we’d start slow and travel regionally here in New England and then nationally and finally internationally. But God is flipping the script. The nations are calling. For the most part, the West is spoiled and self sufficient. Except for a tiny remnant, all men seek their own here, not really the things which are Jesus Christ’s. The nations are needy and looking for help.


Since I heard the late Lester Sumrall speak of Calcutta, India as the most demonic city on earth I’ve always wanted to go there. Well, it looks like I may go in the Spring. And then I long to fly to Iraq from there as the Lord wills. A former student of mine and disciple is doing a great work there.


Then there are the nations where we have precious seed and inheritance. We’ve been invited to The Gambia Bbtcalumni Gambia where we lived and labored in the 1990s, to

conduct a national conference. We have former students from the training center we established there who are now prominent leaders in the nation. Already other former students from Sierra Leone and Liberia who are also ministry leaders and pastors in their nations are hearing about it and want to attend the conference and reconnect with us after so many years.

Just south of Gambia, the Portuguese nation of Guinea Bissau has also put out a Macedonian call for divine strategic help. The Lord has already given me wisdom as to what to do there. I have 2-3 on-fire young leaders that are burning to take their nation back from Satan’s grip. It’s the poorest nation in West Africa and is being targeted by Islam. I’m presently in strategic discussions with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s evangelism director and evangelistic Boot Camp leader about invading the nation while restarting and relaunching our Bible training center there. This two fold plan will sweep the nation into the kingdom of God and bring lasting fruit.


Lastly, Carolyn and I have an adopted spiritual son and daughter in Colombia whom God joined to us by the Spirit. They are opening the door wide for us to come later in the year and bring a prophetic word I’ve been carrying for this nation for quite some time. I’m so full. I can’t wait.


Paid for! Praise The Lord!


I’m not a big fund raiser but we need to start a fund raiser for all these highly strategic, high impact missionary assignments. Those who know Carolyn and I know that we are not money wasters. We really do live by faith. We don’t do hyped up mission trips where time and money are wasted and no lasting fruit ever comes from them. Heck, we haven’t traveled for 18 months and have never asked anyone for a dime to support us because over 50% of our overall budget comes from our traveling ministry.

Friends have asked us how we are making it. Honestly, I really don’t know. God has moved on people’s hearts and we’ve had miracle after miracle of financial provision. Sometimes all I can do is weep with gratitude when people tell us that they don’t support us just for what we do but they invest in us because of who we are and what we are carrying for the body of Christ. Our needs have been massive. All I can say is that we have really gotten to know Jehovah Jireh! 🙌🙌🙌 Medical needs alone have been hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So now we are asking for your help, not for us, but for the nations. We need about $20,000 for starters. We’d like to take in more for the deep needs of these sons and daughters of the faith who are of good character, highly anointed, have big vision from God, but lack the resources. I could tell you stories of their personal sufferings that would make you cringe.


We will start some kind of official fundraiser so be looking out for that. But for immediate giving because we can’t wait, you can give the old fashion way by sending a check earmarked and designated for “ TAKING NATIONS” to:


PO Box 4527

Windham, NH. 03087

Or you can give via PAYPAL using the email:

Every gift counts for eternity whether large or small.

All for Jesus,


Bert and Carolyn Ryan Farias

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