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My morning began with a pop-up of two perturbing FB posts — one on Creflo Dollar and another on a pastor rant promoting pro-abortion. There were so many things wrong on so many levels in these two posts that I do not even feel led to address at this time. It’s not my business, but it is my business. I’ve written four books in the past year for the glorious remnant, three still awaiting publishing. There is enough there for a lifetime.

Let me just say this. When we see the current condition of the world and it’s gross darkness, along with much of the falsehood and deception coming forth from celebrity and large media platforms, we can be sure we are in the beginning of sorrows. There is clearly a delusion that has overtaken society and the “attraction”, progressive, seeker- friendly, hyper-grace churches who follow man and money.


The true remnant of God are not man-minded or money minded. We don’t live to please man or motivated to gain materialistic wealth. We are not economically or politically-minded. We are not looking for an economic or a political savior. We are not scientifically or medically-minded. Our hope comes from heaven and we are waiting for the real Savior. We are seeking One King and His Kingdom, and living in eternity right now. Paul said our death and departure is far better than staying here, and so we are among those who cannot be stopped.

When the love of this world has no hold on us and we gain freedom from the fear of death, we move into an unstoppable grace that is ours to enjoy in these end times. Our attitude then becomes truly apostolic: “in order to stop me you have to kill me.” Oh! For such a consecrated sold-out remnant in this hour!

As for those curious minds who wonder about tithing and abortion, I’m more concerned with these two influential leaders suffering eternal damnation for the stumbling block they are to the little ones in the body of Christ. I don’t find too many celebrity preachers among the remnant. In fact, to avoid such a mindset, for years this verse has been my portion:

“I do not crave the glory, honor, and fame of men.” (John 5:41)

Beloved preachers and fellow laborers, let us live in this verse until you have a low esteem or even an aversion toward anything that reeks of the glory, honor, and fame of man, and you long for a hidden life and the glory of God only.

Abundant grace and mercy to all of you today, especially to those who love the Lord Jesus Christ with sincerity.

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"We are not... politically-minded. We are not looking for... a political savior."

That is a radically anti-popular statement right now. And yet that is one major theme of Jesus' teaching, and the New Testament.

"My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my disciples would fight."

Bottom line: if we are fighting, we are not His disciples.

Keep running with this fire!

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