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For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly (superficially), saying, ‘Peace, peace!’ when there is no peace. (Jer 8:11)

In much of today’s contemporary Christian church, superficiality and hype have been a substitute for holiness, blinding many eyes to the true heart of God. Appearance, like any magical act, can be very deceptive. A spiritually “dead” people are easy to detect, but those with a reputation for being alive (but who are really just as dead) are not so obvious. The church at Sardis and the church at Laodicea were two such examples (Rev 3:1, 14). Hype’s magic wand had hypnotized them from seeking true holiness. While superficial “churches” have a reputation for being alive, they all the time produce death.

Israel’s spiritual physicians only touched the real need of the people superficially. There was very little weight and substance to what they ministered. Like the once popular restaurant commercial whose burgers are larger compared to others, the competition’s customer cries, “Where’s the beef?” How long can the contemporary church live on ice cream and cookies? Like spoiled children with seared consciences, many in the church have lost the power to even blush (Jer 8:12).

Spiritual children are given to folly. Only the rod of holiness will drive it from them. Their emotions are thrilled by hype, but their hearts can only be tilled by holiness. Some claim to be new creations but refuse to walk the righteous paths of old foundations. To them, the gospel is good news, but taking up the cross is bad news. Receiving blessings, yes! Denying self, no.

Superficial ministry is like a tree with leaves but no fruit. It produces hype without holiness. Superficial physicians without discernment will continue to fill prescriptions, but the patients remain empty. They are not recovering but regressing. They are not any healthier but sicker. They’ve been infected with a false sense of peace and security. Frankly, they’ve been hurt by hype.

Children of hype, who by this time ought to be teachers themselves, are the same way. They speak but do not hear. Their ears are uncircumcised, and they have no hunger for the true word of the Lord. While feasting on peaceful preaching (this is so dangerous in a time of war), they are swallowed up by harmful hype. They coolly play but never truly pray. They’re out of sync with the times and seasons of God. If not warned, they will surely miss the time of visitation.

...And they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings. (Gen 3:5)

Adam and Eve substituted fig leaves for the real glory that initially covered their nakedness. Superficial health experts specialize in sewing on more fig leaves while overlooking the real problem of nakedness, sin, and falsehood. They restock their shelves with their old prescriptions and fix up their old formulas instead of consulting with the Master Physician to hear what He is prescribing now. They repeat the age-old error in every new move of God. They wallow in the “old” while resisting the “new.” True physicians detect the nakedness and recognize that only the true glory can cover.

Superficial high tech activity has fooled much of the church. Noise has cluttered their world. Busy, busy lifestyles have squashed their sensitivity. Bound by their schedules and long lists of to do’s, their spiritual lives are like old cans of stale food whose time has expired. It’s time to purchase some new cans with some fresh food. It’s time to pour out the old wine and renew that old wineskin. It’s time to seek the Lord.

Stop hiding in the “hype” and seek holiness. Hype causes us to unknowingly hide ourselves from the real presence of the Lord. Hype will even speak of holiness, but cannot produce it. It play-acts and imitates. Again, like little children, hype hides in the trees of false profession and pretentious activity while all the while resisting the voice of the Lord. Until it uncovers itself and comes out from behind the leaves of the trees we call churches, it will continue to just play. Attending church without attending to the presence of the Lord will kill any spiritual life. Proud church goers who don’t have a fellowship with Jesus are hypocrites, and they are unknowingly hiding from the presence of the Lord.

The spiritual seasons are changing. The summer is passing, and the winds of holiness are blowing. Even the fig leaves shall fade, and in the heat of His holiness there will be no shade. After the wind comes the fire. All that’s holy will be refined, but the superficial will be devoured. In that day there will be no more sewing of fig leaves, no more hiding from the Omnipresent Seeker. He’s coming, and He’s counting (time is short). Everyone will be sought and caught (just like Adam and Eve in the garden after the fall). They will either be clothed in white or found naked. Will you be wanting?

Ready or not, here He comes...


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Rebecca Toy
Rebecca Toy
Dec 31, 2022

How about we all seek Jesus, the king of Gods kingdom. Jesus is the key into the kingdom of God and the only one. Everything is in Him, including holiness and once we are firmly connected to Him, His ‘holiness’ will flow through us as we are obedient to do what we see Him do and speak what we hear Him speak. It’s so simple! There are still only 2 trees in the garden: The tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. One represents the world system which is man-made and the other represents the Kingdom of God. We either eat off one or the other. The man-made religious system is still …

Replying to

I think that was the purpose of the entire blog. Right in the middle of it in is time to seek the Lord!

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