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One time a minister got healed supernaturally of prostate trouble and the Lord began to use him in some things of the Spirit. But then, due to the fear of men, he drew back, and as a result, the sickness came back on him.

You see, dear friends, we need to understand the great importance of obedience in this hour, especially when it comes to moving with God and His plan for your life. God has no pleasure in those who draw back.

The judgments of God are real. Some Christians get opposed by Satan because they step out in faith and obedience, but others are judged for their disobedience, and their troubles are self-inflicted. You need to be honest with yourself and know whether you are walking in the light of the Word that you’ve heard and that you know, or not.

To those who are walking in the light and in obedience to God’s plan for your life, the blessings of God will flow to you in this hour. In spite of the darkness and trouble in the world and all around you you will walk in a peace that even surpasses your understanding, and an abiding joy will be your portion.


After a long battle with illness my wife and I are there right now. It was a lengthy fiery trial. Satan came before God as he did in the days of Job (chapter 1) and asked to tempt us and test us. I know this upsets many people’s theology, but frankly, some people’s theology needs to be upended. Sickness and disease do not come from God, but look again and see what I wrote above.

Carolyn and I had extremely low points in our battle, where death seemed a better option, but much like Job, we refused to curse God. He is never the problem, but instead is rich in mercy, especially in our failures and shortcomings.

Think about this:

God created us. Then he recreated us in the new birth. Thirdly, He sustains us every single day of our lives with new mercies each morning. But the best thing is, that even if we should walk away from Him He never leaves us and waits for us to return. I think that’s why I love Him so much. He’s easy to love. I adore Jesus! He’s my advocate in all things. His precious Blood is my constant plea!


It’s never too late to return to the Lord. You can increase your communion with Him by constantly using your will and feeding your desire to get in tune with God in your spirit. Deliberately take time from your busy day and meditate on where you are, and what God wants from you. After awhile you will find the Lord drawing closer to you in a new measure.

I know you can have the Lord moving in your life in a new dimension where He begins to fill your thoughts and your very being. Then your communion with God becomes so natural, just like breathing. I wouldn’t trade this type of fellowship with the Lord for the whole world with a fence around it. It’s far too precious to trade for anything.

Oh people! Let me challenge you and admonish you deeply. Just beyond what you see and feel and only know with your physical senses, is a spiritual world more real than this one. It’s a world where God speaks and moves and works. It’s a world where His angels minister to us and for us, to help us, bless us, and protect us.


I wonder what would happen if you began taking a good look inside yourself… your real self… your spirit and innermost being? Suppose you turn everything off for awhile and turn to the Word of God, searching for who God is to you. Then turn to prayer and talking to God; then start getting quiet in your daily life and listening for a word, a phrase, or just an impression from Him. Start opening the lines of communication with God like that. Start believing deep down that you are a person of value and that God cares deeply for you. That may be the clincher for many of you who aren’t too crazy about yourself.

God calls you beloved. You need to know this high and precious state you have in this hour with your Heavenly Father. He tells you to pray without ceasing, building up yourself by praying in the Holy Ghost. This means to continually stay in an attitude of prayer and communion with God.

This is the only way we will make it through the hardships ahead and the condition of the world, and it’s antichrist systems in these treacherous times we are living in. You’re gonna make it because greater is He who is in you!

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Abundant grace and peace to you today and always.

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This was so good! I can really feel the Evangelist heart in you through this post. Wow! You know it’s God when you are in that place of communion but want that deeper more powerful touch. This is what I love about your call and ministry. A blazing fire 🔥 stoked at the perfect moment. God Bless

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