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Note: With a few exceptions, I’ve specifically tagged mostly the younger generation in this post because of the Ps. 71:18 mandate the Lord gave me for this next phase of ministry we’ve now entered into. Please pass it on and share this, so others can be inspired and encouraged as well. The book will be out soon.


Many people that attended the miracle crusade meetings that were popular and prevalent in the healing revival of the 1940s and 50s were healed and delivered through a mighty healing and miracle anointing that was upon the ministers of that day. The sick and diseased came to these large crusades with great expectancy and faith in the anointing of the Holy Spirit that was in manifestation through these ministers. Additionally, the atmosphere was already charged with a heightened corporate anointing in these meetings. But there were not many ministers in that day who had a real working knowledge of individual faith and how faith in the word of God alone could heal and deliver the diseased and oppressed.

In fact, the late Kenneth E. Hagin was once asked to fill in for Kathryn Kuhlman in one of her crusades because she had taken ill or something. Well, he reluctantly did it because among all the ministers that were available he was the only one that had a pretty prominent healing ministry. But he didn’t have the healing and miracle anointing that Kathryn Kuhlman or others of that day had. He was not an evangelist, but a teacher and a prophet. He ministered to the sick strictly by faith. He would teach on the subject of faith and then minister to the sick. Many would be healed through their own individual faith that comes by simply hearing the Word of God (Rom. 10:17). Well, he was very hesitant and somewhat intimidated to fill in for Kathryn Kuhlman in this meeting, because all the people came expecting her to minister, but he did so on the recommendation of the other ministers.


Do you know what Dad Hagin did? He didn’t try to minister like Kathryn Kuhlman but he flowed in His grace and taught a basic Bible lesson on faith and then ministered to the sick. Guess what? He had outstanding results as many were healed and delivered through their own individual faith in the Word.

It is so critically important for us to understand this in our day, because so many have gone off into ditches and abuses and extremes in the healing and deliverance ministry, attempting to get results in the flesh and with soulish psychological methods void of real faith in the Word and the manifestation of the anointing of the Spirit. Many don’t have a working knowledge of faith and the power of simply believing the word of God while others don’t understand the anointing.


Additionally, another little known fact of Dad Hagin’s teaching and healing ministry is that there was a season in his ministry where he would have meetings in places where brother Oral Roberts had just conducted a miracle crusade. Many people were supernaturally and dramatically healed in those crusades but a number of them would later lose their healing. In other words, their own personal faith wasn’t built up enough to resist counterattacks from the enemy.

Well, Dad Hagin would come along and hold faith and healing meetings and build up people’s faith to where they could receive their healing again and keep it. The teaching ministry is a watering ministry. It waters the seed of the Word that was planted, and for many years that was Dad Hagin’s greatest grace and strength.


In the next and final chapter I will share the differences between ministering by faith, ministering with the anointing in the gifts of the Spirit, and ministering with power. And I’m sure many of you will learn so much, and things that haven’t made sense to you for years will finally make sense and be clear.

(Another excerpt from my newest book, THE SUPERNATURAL CHURCH OF LOVE AND POWER, to be released sometime in January of 2022)

I’m so excited about this book because it will help bring great understanding to the body of Christ today in this area. I hope you will get your copy and spread the word.

I love you all so much. ❤️

As you can see in the window behind me it is still dark up here in the Northeast at 5:30 this morning. Been up for a couple of hours pushing forward to complete my newest book. So excited!

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