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I learned early in my walk with God that living in inward rest is living in the highest level of spiritual life.

One time Carolyn and I were driving to a meeting and just praising the Lord together when He began to minister to us. I received this psalm which taught us according to Colossians 3:16:


I’m on a vacation

It’s time for some rest and relaxation

Abiding in the Vine

Where peace and rest is mine

It’s vacation time!

I’m on a vacation

It’s time for some rest and relaxation

I’m going to a land

That God has made for man

Abiding in the Lord.

I’m on a vacation

It’s time for some rest and relaxation

The land that I possess

Is one so full of rest

Abiding in the Lord.

Vacation time is all the time

Where spiritual rest is mine

This is God’s plan for every man

To abide in this great land

In the peace and rest of God.

Here is the prophetic utterance which followed the above psalm:


“Do all you can to keep yourself in this flow. Cut off every hindrance that would stop you from staying in this flow. Cut off anything that would offend this flow. Work out your salvation in the natural things so that you may remain in the Spirit. Do not let the natural pull you down.

“Work to remain in this flow full time so that you can receive My full time benefits. In the work of the kingdom many of My children only receive part time benefits because they’re only in My flow part time. And yet there are others of My children who receive little to no benefits because they are never in the flow.

“And yet it is My plan for man to be blessed fully and without measure joy unspeakable and full of glory. Learn to abide in Me and My rest. Labor to enter and stay in that rest, and then you shall surely have My very best.

“Do not bear burdens or weights that I’ve not called you to bear. Those of this world and of the lower nature are not for thee. Do not let them attach themselves to your tender spirit. Do not…do not become heavy with care and concern. Do not feed your mind nor your mouth with things not fit for thee. Let your sanctification be in Me. I will bear those burdens not made for thee.” (Prophetic utterance)

What a word of edification!

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