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What a tremendous meeting last night! We definitely ended on a high note. Prophetic utterances pressing against my lips from beginning to end. Holy Fire burning in my bosom and fire on their heads. To God be the glory!

I ministered to the sick under a strong anointing before I even began preaching as the praise was so high. Several people were instantly healed. Then I preached for nearly two hours and no one unhooked. Everyone sat like little birds with mouths open. People are hungry for true Pentecostal preaching.

At the end the worship leader and I went into high praise and I began syncing with him and singing spiritual songs. Oh, I could’ve gone all night with him. Such a beautiful anointing on that brother. He paved the way for me in my preaching and prophecy. It made me realize how often I miss a true psalmist and worship leader that can set the atmosphere for the flow of the Spirit and ministry gifts. Oh how important the ministry of music is to enhance the anointing!

No fancy band. No staging. No lighting. No fog machines. One man. One guitar. And a people who love the Lord. I poured out. I watered. But I was also watered and filled and refreshed. Praise Jesus! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

In conclusion, this was a costly trip for me in more ways than one. I made my needs known to the Lord. I never murmured or complained. I asked Him to make up the difference down the road, and I know He will as He often does. Why does the Lord send me to these small almost underground churches out in the wilderness? Because God’s ways are not man’s ways.

Don’t follow the money preacher, or you will lose the anointing, like so many have today. Go where God sends you regardless. I’d rather have that precious anointing on me than own the entire world with a fence around it.

Thank you partners and friends for your love and prayers.

Heading home now to my sweet wife, precious son, and of course my little puppy Pablo. 🥰

NOTE: Don’t torget about our 5 region evangelistic campaign in the Muslim nation of Gambia at the end of this year. Each evangelist is required to raise 15K including me. Please contribute as you are led with a designation “Gambia”. Just like in Guinea Bissau, this is a nation changing endeavor.

NOTE: Don’t forget our upcoming Fall Holy Ghost Forum here in Windham, NH. Sept. 22-23. Register now on our Forum page. This is a school of the Spirit platform.

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