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This will be a different kind of blog.

As ministers, for nearly 40 years we have lived by faith and put our trust in the Lord. Yet we know God uses people. Carolyn and I would like to once again express our deepest gratitude for every ministry partner and giver for your faithful prayers and giving. We are constantly reminded of this love you’ve shown toward us, and we make mention of you in our prayers as our hearts abound with thanksgiving. Together we are making a difference in the lives of many.

One dear sweet long time partner of ours, now 85 years of age, sends us a check every month and always includes a little encouraging note. This consistent act of faithfulness with kindness is a sweet-smelling savor to the Lord and blesses us. Another elderly couple sends us a bank check from their interest bearing account. A core of churches also have sown monthly into our lives and ministry for years. And then there are those who send occasional one-time donations that seem to always come at the right time. We appreciate every gift and giver. Words are simply insufficient to express the many thanksgivings in our hearts toward God and you.

At this stage of our lives, the qualitative element of what we do often supercedes the quantity that often cannot be measured. For example, the mentoring and fathering aspect of our lives is difficult to measure. We just hosted another young missionary couple in our home this past week and the things we poured into them are invaluable for their missionary call. In this fathering season we have entered into, we do that quite alot. It’s difficult to measure the fruit of these times, but we are so fulfilled in it. We have missionaries and national leaders in West Africa and Spain that we do the same with. It is our joy!

Your love, prayers, and support help us do that, not only over a phone call or online, but on international trips and visits. And this is where your partnership and support really helps us as we help oversee these works and missionaries.

Anyway, thank you so very much for keeping us going, and helping us to meet budget for the many needs and expenses we have both personally and ministerially.

With love and appreciation,

Bert & Carolyn Farias

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