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This vision is massive and the harvest is ready. We need your help.

While evangelists invade the country and are seeing many salvations and healings the Lord has shown me the 3-5 year plan that has become a very important assignment for me and our team.


He quickened Acts 19:8-10 and 1 Corinthians 3:6 to me, and revealed that without the watering process God cannot maximize the increase. Watering is the teaching ministry. Paul taught daily for two years until all of Asia heard the word of God. Imagine that!

The Lord has given us a heavenly vision to establish dynamic BTCs in each region of Guinea Bissau to feed the masses the living word of God. These training centers are a servant to the churches and will aid greatly in accelerating the growth and discipleship process in each local church that chooses to participate.

We have a pressing need right now for about 5K to purchase generators, sound systems, computers, and printers for two city BTCs in both Guinea Bissau and in Gambia. It would be great to purchase them before we leave this region on February 16 to visit our missionaries in Spain. We will eventually be doing the same there.

This is a huge endeavor involving many churches and ministries. Please help us now.

PM me if the Lord moves on your heart, or you can just donate on this website. Every gift counts. A few people can foot this bill. Let’s go big and catch and contain the great harvest that awaits us in this region.

Thank you so much for your love and support!

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