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“Memory is the power to gather roses in the winter." - Anonymous

I am grateful for some precious personal memories which are providing a fragrance of sorts as winter begins here in the frigid northeast. They are providing me a fresh bouquet in my presence every day.

As I'm finishing up my book, The Supernatural Church Of Love and Power, and working on the second one, birthed in the middle of that one, The Coming Restoration, the memories of my personal journey have been flooding my soul. These memories make my writing so much more fluid and free flowing. It is His grace. One reader who endorsed the book, remarked that the stories made the book even more enjoyable and kept her engaged.

I can't wait to get it out to the body of Christ! It's going to help so many receive the blueprint of what the Lord is presently doing in the hearts of His remnant people and in His global Church in this hour. It is also very significant to me, and should be to you, the reader, that these two books were birthed in a furnace of affliction, and personal pain during the past year.

Shooting for a release date for the first one sometime in January. The second one should closely follow.


I am humbly asking for your help and support, and someone of more influence, who can promote this word from the Lord and get it out. But in the end, it's in God's hands, and ultimately, He must breathe on it to move it into the hearts it is designed for. I can only say that it was a pleasure to write it with His accompanying Presence and in His sight. All my books are self published, but I like to say, in all humility, Spirit-published. And that's why they usually fly under the radar of carnality, popularity and celebrity.

Because I am, for the most part, an unknown writer on the earth, it is my hope that these books will take on the nature of fueling a grass roots movement among humble leaders and common every day people, who have their ears tuned in to a different sound. In fact, that would make me very happy if the Lord chose to move that way.

So many of God's true champions are presently hidden in Him. Their bellies are groaning for something they cannot even articulate. I'm confident that these two books will articulate it for many, as some of my others have done for some.

These unsung heroes are they who make up the underground Church of America and the nations, who are hearing a sound that they simply are not hearing in the conventional church today.

Please pray for me and the open door of utterance, so these oracles of God, and others I've penned, and are still to come, may travel farther than any man could take them.

To God be the glory for any eternal fruit that comes from it.

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