God is anointing me. I have been in the Spirit all day.

“It is as a flame of fire, a furious flame, says the Lord, in the inner chamber of your spirit it shall rise, and it shall be known among the peoples of the congregations. It shall rise to meet thee in the morning and it shall be with thee at the noon hour, and when the sun goes down you shall know it then; and as you lie upon the bed it shall rest with thee and speak to thee, My flame.

“And thou shalt be as the young lion restless for its prey who gawks at night, and whose eyes desire the kill. For thou shalt be as he when the flame shall arise, and devour My enemies. Thou shalt come in and go out with Divine holy unction from above. Divine courage and force shall flow from thee like a mighty river. Thou shalt not be moved by the faces of the impudent, but thou shalt be greatly stirred.

“For there is a stirring within thee that is like the tumbling noise of massive walls. Destruction shall come to the high places of Baal like the sound of thunder it shall bring terror to him. As a watchman thou shalt be to discern the wiles of the enemy.

“This anointing is a flavor to thee. Taste it, know it, and understand it for I the Lord am working a wonder among you.

“This anointing shall bless the pure, but it shall bring a purging to thee and thou shalt be changed into another man. The sword of the Lord is with thee to drive out all rebellion and disobedience from among the people. This anointing is like a stew. It shall cook and is cooking even now in you. I, the Lord stir the stew, and the chief portions shall rise to the top. When it boils, thou shalt also boil, hot with My words in thy mouth. And so thou shalt serve a goodly delicious meal, and it shall be nourishment and strength to those who shall choose to eat. They shall grow and mature, and even if that’s their only meal they shall not forget thee, and My words that they did eat shall be warm in their belly. They shall thank Me and honor Me and know that I AM the Chief Chef.

“And I would say for you to guard this Anointing for it’s Me, says the Lord. Guard Me. Protect Me. I am easily grieved and oftentimes quenched. Relax and stay under the umbrella of this Anointing. Many times you will be grieved also, and so you shall move away gently and flee contaminated conversation and idle talk in the midst of thee.

“Guard this