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“This is one Bert’s best. I had goosebumps reading this book. I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole book in a couple hours. It had my undivided attention as I was reading it. I personally witnessed some of the things Bert wrote in the book. For me it hit home with me a lot as well. This book is a great guide to help if you too are going through some tuff stuff. I was so overwhelming thrilled with this book. Thank you bro. Bert & sister Carolyn for this book; it’s done wonders for me… you both!”

J. C.

“Turning Your Trials into Gold, by Bert and Carolyn Farias, is a heartfelt and compelling narrative that offers readers a profound insight into enduring and overcoming life's most challenging trials. The author’s candid and transparent recounting of the greatest trial faced by him and his wife provides a deeply personal backdrop to the valuable lessons shared within these pages.

One of the most striking aspects of this book is the author’s ability to turn personal hardship into a universal guide for all believers. By sharing his own experiences, he provides a relatable and authentic framework for understanding and navigating trials. This authenticity not only engages readers but also offers a genuine source of comfort and inspiration.

Several key points are explored throughout the book, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking to endure and overcome their own trials. Firstly, readers are given a comprehensive understanding of the reasons and causes of trials. This foundational knowledge helps to demystify the often-painful experiences that many go through, offering a sense of clarity and purpose.

The book also delves into the higher purpose of trials, encouraging readers to see beyond their immediate struggles and recognize the greater plan at work. This perspective is particularly empowering, as it helps to shift the focus from temporary suffering to long-term growth and spiritual development.

One of the most practical aspects of Turning Trials into Gold is its guidance on overcoming trials while maintaining a proper and eternal perspective. The author emphasizes the importance of viewing challenges through the lens of eternity, which not only provides hope but also encourages resilience and steadfastness.

In addition to these insights, the book highlights the blessings that come with overcoming trials. By sharing his own journey, the author illustrates how enduring hardships can lead to profound personal and spiritual rewards. This message is both encouraging and motivating, offering readers a tangible sense of hope and possibility.

Overall, Turning Your Trials into Gold is a transformative read that equips believers with the tools and perspectives needed to navigate and overcome life’s trials. It is a testament to the power of faith and resilience, providing readers with both practical advice and spiritual encouragement. Whether you are currently facing a trial or seeking to strengthen your faith for the future, this book offers invaluable insights and inspiration.”


This is now the 8th book I’ve written since coming off my sickbed. There really has been a fresh anointing upon my life to write. Praise God! Here are the others:

  1. The Supernatural Church of Live & Power

  2. The Coming Restoration

  3. The Nature of The Kingdom of God

  4. Divine Order & The Glory of The Local Church

  5. Shaping Local Churches For The Move of The Holy Spirit

  6. Tongues: The Elevation of a Mystery

  7. Acts 19: The Blueprint For The New Testament Church

  8. Turning Your Trials Into Gold

There is a heightened anointing on these books that will equip the believer and encourage growth in Christ.

P. S. This new book is available in all forms: hardback, paperback, digital, and audible.

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