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Many silver tongued orators have no power.

Do you know why?

They’re not consecrated even though they can preach.

Good preaching is not evidence of your spirituality.

Why are old gospel hymns that have lasted more than a century so anointed?

Because the original composers of those hymns were deeply consecrated.

The opposite is true today. Many of our popular Christian songs, certainly not all of them, contain talent but not much glory on them. Sadly, most Christians don’t know the difference.

Why was there less sickness and disease among Christians a few decades ago than there is today, when there was less revelation concerning our healing covenant and less teaching on faith and healing back then?

Because they were much more consecrated than we are today.

Why are so few of our prayers answered today?

Impure motives. Because often we ask amiss to consume it upon our own lusts. No consecration of the heart.

Why do P/C Christians and churches boast of great power and authority when hardly any is manifested?

Again, it is because of a lack of consecration and the true anointing of the Spirit.

Why is the divorce rate nearly as high in the Church as in the world?

Recently one popular preacher in America had an affair with his wife’s best friend and divorced his wife because he had “found his soul mate”. Nasty texts smattered with vulgarity were hurled at his wife when she publicly called him out on it. Yet people flock to hear him, buy his books, and make him a best selling author thinking he’s the greatest, while he struts on national platforms filled with arrogance and pride. Meanwhile, his former wife remains deeply hurt and broken to this day. This happens all too frequently.

Again, great preaching is not a sign of your spirituality. We shouldn’t be impressed by it.


The Word of God says that times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord as we near His return, whom the heavens must receive until the restoration of all things. (Acts 3:19-21)

This restoration must happen in three main areas. The most important one is CHARACTER.

I heard the late Kenneth E. Hagin say that of all the hundreds of churches he traveled and ministered to only one of its pastors actually possessed the character qualifications to pastor  (1 Tim. 3). How painfully sad. What a wake up call that is for so many today!  

When I was a student in Bible school one of my teachers opened up his class by saying this:

“Only 20% of you will make it in ministry. He made that statement in reference to character. I immediately stood up on the inside in my spirit and with holy determination said to myself while imagining spitting in the devil’s face, “I’m one of those 20 %!”

Dear friends, none of us are perfect, and thank God there is forgiveness, but we’ve got to make this kind of holy determination in our hearts and genuine consecration of our lives to Jesus in this hour. I know it’s by grace, but we must cooperate.

“Walk worthy of your calling” is the Scriptural admonition. That’s not only true for preachers and ministers, but every professing Christian. Walk the talk Christian! Until you do, you are leaven in our midst that may need to be purged from among us if sincere repentance is not found in you. God is merciful and patient and will allow time for your spiritual growth and maturity, but if your heart is not consecrated to begin with, you are working with the wrong material. God looks on the heart!


The real test of spirituality is found at home in your marriage and with your children. And if you’re single, your true character is found in how you treat people whom you’re not trying to impress. Single girls, take note. Watch him in this area. Because once he wins your heart your time is coming. Too many gullible young ladies have been fooled.

I say this as humbly as I can, I sensed the anointing when I was writing this. It’s heavy on God’s heart, because He is longing for a glorious Church and a people without spot and wrinkle (Eph. 5:27).  

Bert Farias' books are forerunners to personal holiness, the move of God and the return of the Lord. They also combat the departure from the faith and the turning away from the truth we are seeing in our day. His recent five-book bundle, written under a fresh anointing, is a forerunner of what the Lord is doing in His church today. His most read books are Cleansing The Temple and The Tumultuous 2020s and Beyond. Go to BOOKS in menu section of our website ( to purchase any of these books.

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Doesn't it seem we should be praying that God would "provide workers for the harvest" who will prove worthy of the calling? It does seem so much preaching, and (so called) praise is "flat"--lifeless. On the other hand, it was a blessing to me what you said about the old hymns. I ordered a hymnal online years ago--I so appreciate the words--the writers obviously had deep relationships with the Lord, and their words are often so real, and alive, it seems like real fellowship!

Replying to

It’s true. We have a school of prayer on YouTube where we are sharing these things:

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