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There is a big difference between prophets then and prophets now.

One time my son and I were attending a meeting where a prophet was moving out in personal prophecy. Nothing wrong with that at all when it’s by the Spirit. After the meeting I asked my son what he sensed as the difference between this prophet and someone like dad Hagin, whom I came up under. Almost immediately he said that Hagin carried a greater glory and ministered from that place.

This is what I see more and more today. I do not know of any modern day prophet that had the substance and depth of communion with God as the late Kenneth E. Hagin, or a few others in the same class. Some men might start out with a measure of that glory, but as soon as they get big and organizational it lifts from them. I could name a number of ministers that has happened with.

Not to lift up a man, but I can honestly say that the closest person to the Lord I’ve ever known was dad Hagin. This is the reason that even in the latter days of my life I am pressing on to know the Lord in a greater way. This pursuit never gets old or boring. I am fascinated with Jesus, and long to know Him more.

This is the reason I’ve committed to do a year-long school of prayer to help genuine disciples move into a deeper level of personal prayer. But you can’t give what you don’t got. So these video episodes that I put out once a week are also helping me stay in that place of fellowship with the Lord that feeds and fuels me.

Thank you to all those who have subscribed to our YT channel. I hope these episodes on cultivating your personal prayer life have been a blessing and encouragement to you. The link is below. One short video per week. No cost. Watch at your convenience. I hope they’re are a blessing to you.

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I would not call myself a prophet and I am not in full time ministry, but I have had some highly unusual experiences over the years. Sometimes I have looked out over a crowd and saw a couple of people whose faces shone like the sun. It was the Glory of God . The couple were baptized in the Spirit later as I ministered to them. Another time, in contrast to that experience, I have witnessed the pulpit minister's face having this pale white supernatural glow as he preached. It was what Brother Hagin described as, the mask of death, for the man died three days after preaching. I did not know what this was, as I thought the strang…


Thanks Bro B! A great blessing!


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