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Remembering the Father's Goodness


It seems like yesterday but it was more than 41 years ago that I was born again and surrendered my life to Christ right here in this city.

That pool on the Husson University campus is where I got baptized the day I was saved.

That 4- apartment duplex is where I lived on 468 Union Street. Those stairs took me up to my humble abode where I first learned to read my Word and worship Jesus.

That bank is where I worked and witnessed to many of my co-workers and tellers who worked there.

There’s me and the brother I roomed with who led me to the Lord and discipled me. I am forever indebted to his faithfulness. Here we are celebrating my first Thanksgiving as a believer. The joy on our faces says it all! (Yep, I am beardless here)

What memories and heartfelt emotions I felt driving around this city reflecting back on what a time it was ( Listen to the song, Bookends, one of my all-time favorites by Simon and Garfunkel and reflect on your own memories.

I cried so much and gave thanks, remembering the Father’s goodness and mercy He showered on me in delivering me from such darkness and bondage on that glorious December day in 1980.

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