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In the very near future I will be introducing our Colombian family to our friends and our relational churches and sharing the heavenly vision for the nations.

The first of our new assignments is to establish a base in Spain. It may require us living there part of the time as missionaries. Again. At our age, we were definitely not desirous for this, but vision and fire came.

Spain is more strategic than I originally thought. The southern coast is only 80 miles from North Africa. From there it is much more accessible to get to any European nation, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. At the beginning of this year, in addition to our ongoing work in West Africa, the Lord said to focus on Europe in 2023. I had no idea that our Colombian family was already targeting Spain as a base. It was on this recent trip to

Colombia where they revealed the Lord’s plans for them.

The Martinez family have sold everything. They are walking on the water - completely sold out and dedicated to their call to the nations. They are radical, martyr-like disciples worthy of your prayers and support. You will hear their hearts soon on a live video we we are planning to do.

Both of our families need partners who know the difference b

etween those who just WENT and those who are SENT. This is an apostolic call. Holy Fire Ministries is committed to getting them to Spain and fathering them while there.


1. Airfare to Spain

2. Vehicle for Spain

3. Housing in Spain

4. Book translation and publishing project and distribution to the nations (books are forerunners to the move of God): this is massive and will require many funds until a point. Already we are hearing reports of the last few books we’ve written igniting fires in people’s hearts and revolutionizing their thinking.

5. Shipping containers to West Africa and possibly Spain. Again, not cheap.

6. Travel expenses to the nations that are calling: We have open doors in 2023 to not only the European nations, but INDIA, IRAQ, PAKISTAN, SOUTH AFRICA, and of course, WEST AFRICA, our former, and now renewed base, and we will be returning to COLOMBIA again. These are not just trips but divine assignments to carry revival, bring repentance, and reformation in leaders, and order to the Church, with long term fruit. Our books are a key to longevity.

Our families are believing the Lord to move on hearts to sow one-time gifts for this move to Spain and monthly support to sustain and advance the move of God into the nations.

*** $2000-$3000 monthly support is needed for the Martinez family.

*** And the same for the Farias family in addition to the aforementioned projects. Pastors, we’d be excited to come and share this heavenly vision and divine assignment with your church and deposit the word of the Lord and holy fire into the hearts of the saints. PM us if interested. THANK YOU for your time today. Much love to each of you! ❤️

*** Here is the link to give to the FARIAS family and (Holy Fire Ministries):

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