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It was Election Day November 2020. Carolyn had to lead me like a blind man by the arm to the voting booth. I was in such a mental fog. I hadn’t had any quality sleep for months. This was a low point in my mental health, and Carolyn was getting too weak to help me anymore.

You see, she was having her own health troubles. She had reconstructive surgery to remove a cancerous growth from her left leg, and the surgery was not done well at all. Her own trial was just beginning.


As a result, she would go on to receive 6 weeks of radiation treatment, which actually complicated the problem even more, several more surgeries with more complications, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which affected her eyesight, which she will need surgery on very soon to remove cataracts that formed; and her right non-surgical leg, her knee specifically, is damaged, from having to compensate for the weakness on her surgical leg. She will probably need a knee replacement soon because of the bone spurs that a recent MRI detected in her knee area. Whew!!! So as you can see the fight for her is not over yet.

In fact, the malpractice was so bad that we are currently contemplating a law suit for the ensuing troubles and years of Carolyn’s life she has recently missed — not to mention the excruciating pain, the constant maintenance of her leg with daily application of creams, changing out bandages, regular nurse visits to the house, some runs to the emergency room early in the morning, etc. etc. etc. Our bedroom was turned into a medical room that I had to sleep in a separate bedroom across from our bedroom. There were nights I could hear her groan and cry, and I would feel so helpless. All I could do was groan myself and cry out to God for mercy.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I’d like to tell you that one of the blessings of the timing of her surgical procedures and subsequent complications was that before the worst hit her, I had already been discharged from the last psychiatric ward I was in.

Remember, I was admitted right after Election Day as Carolyn did not know what to do with me at that point. After experiencing two months of hell and Satan mocking me every day I was in that last ward, the Lord spoke a second word to Carolyn that was instrumental in my deliverance. I will share that in part 3.

P.S. I’m sorry to keep you in suspense, but there are so many parts to this testimony. I am already receiving reports of needed encouragement received from Part 1 from some saints that are also currently going through a deep trial.

To be continued…

PS — In spite of her continued health challenges Carolyn is still traveling and ministering with me, albeit with wheelchair assistance. And still smiling…😊, and the anointing has actually increased in both our lives and ministry. PTL!!!

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Remember Brother Hagin's favorite scripture: (it's not Mark 11:23)

"Wherefore sirs be of good cheer! For I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me. Howbeit we must be cast upon a certain island" -Acts 27:25

There will be shipwrecks galore, and snakebites to spare, but Paul started a revival fire on that island, that burns to this very day

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