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(Part 1)

The stroke I suffered in March 2020 led to anxiety and then to severe insomnia, and as a result, I abnormally sank into deep depression. I didn’t have any motivation at all, even despairing of life itself. My mind was not sound. My mental state became a risk, especially to my wife. I had to be hospitalized a handful of times. We paid good money so I could be admitted to a Florida Mental Health Center for 30 days to try and get help. I was on prescription sleeping pills and psychotic medication. Nothing improved. Fear began to take hold of me. There were supernatural demonic manifestations. I was admitted to different psychiatric wards, all to no avail.

My poor wife, herself suffering with excruciating pain from several surgeries to remove a cancerous growth from her leg, didn’t know what else to do to try and get me help. We had tried everything and exhausted all our options. We had spent a lot of money but things grew worse.

Remember also, my wife and I have a traveling ministry and live from the gospel, so we were virtually out of work. It was a very tough season. We were in survival

mode. Things looked so grim.

My wife prayed and shed many tears, and continually cried out to God.

“What is going on?!”

“Why is this happening?”

“How did this demon gain access into Bert’s life?”

“What awful sin have we committed?”

“What am I going to do if he doesn’t snap out of it?”

We repented of everything we could think of.

Finally, after many weeks of wondering and crying out to the Lord, and searching our hearts…the Spirit of God spoke to her:

“Your husband is a John-the-Baptist like-one, and this is an attack from Satan to cut off his head, just as they cut off John’s head.”

Of course, it wasn’t my literal physical head that was being cut off, but in a very real way, my mind had been separated from my spirit.

At last we had our answer! A Rhema word from God! Now we could fight the good fight of faith. Faith always begins where the will of God is known. If you don’t know the will of God you cannot possibly fight in faith.

To be continued..

NOTE: In another post I’ll share how the Lord showed me mercy and how Carolyn nearly had her leg amputated due to surgical malpractice. Another book telling our entire testimony is in the works. The book will undoutedly include some golden secrets and revelation that will help many in their own trials and afflictions.

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