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Much of the prophetic ministry has become pathetic these days. All these warnings and predictions about September and comparisons with Jewish dates and feasts, have more than not, proven to be wrong. The true ministry of the prophet is a weighty ministry usually reserved for the seasoned. Less is more, but the more and the false has made the “prophetic” unusually common, and so the real and the genuine is looked upon suspiciously and under-appreciated by many. IMHO, there are more false prophets today than ever in history. This has always been Satan’s strategy to derail the true and the genuine.

As it happens with every generation, there is error through overemphasis, and seasoned teachers and true fathers are necessary to bring balance again. Here is a great piece of wisdom from the late Donald Gee that I have often used to bring understanding.

“There has to be an extremism to move things. We need the extremist to start things moving, and we need the balanced teaching to keep them moving in the right direction. We need extreme fervor to launch a movement, but we need the repudiation of extremes to save it from self-destruction. It takes Pentecostal genius to know when and where an extreme doctrine or practice must be modified to a more balanced view — and where, on the other hand, the broad lines of truth must temporarily be narrowed into an extreme emphasis upon one point to ensure a dynamic powerful enough to move things for God. The possession of that uncommon genius marks the God-sent leader who emerged in truly great periods of revival.” –

Donald Gee

In my younger days of ministry the “extremist” in me was strong, but now in my latter years the teaching has taken precedence, although the extremist is still in there (smile). I understand the building process much more now and the teaching ministry is being highlighted again in my own spirit.

I’m not an expert, but I’m been around the block a few times, and while I’m seeing a growing move of God in our day, at the same time, I’m witnessing many extremes, excesses, and abuses that concern me. And the need for true fathers and seasoned teachers has never been greater and more necessary than it is today.

I have never despised youth, but I see many shooting stars leading large ministries and churches in this day more than I am seeing shining stars. What’s the difference? A shooting star is here one day and gone the next. A shining star is steady and moves at God’s pace and just keeps on shining.

For example, there is a young man I’m thinking of, a former student of mine, who has arisen to the height of fame and popularity in ministry pretty quickly today. I was concerned and praying for him when he arose to prominence. I’ve seen this scenario all too often. Once you climb to the top there is nowhere else to go but down. Presently, this young man is experiencing many troubles in his ministry and some things are now hanging in the balance. This always seems to be a common pattern in the younger who rise quickly in influential ministry.

A life of prayer and a humble teachable spirit must be maintained, but that becomes more difficult to do when your ministry rises to prominence and you are continually being praised and flattered by men. It can become very addictive. It’s what I’ve come to term false or excessive honor.

What the Lord wants is a healthy multi/generational joining of the elder and the younger, mentors and mentorees, and fathers and sons, as well as mothers and daughters. The zeal and strength of the young must be tempered with the wisdom and experience of the old. The extremism must be balanced with sound apostolic teaching. Just as Donald Gee said. What a quote!

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