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I listened to Jerry Savelle’s final message yesterday and was very inspired. He actually preached two messages, almost as if sovereignly he was rehearsing his life and beginnings of his ministry — like he was conducting his own memorial service. Very surreal in a way. Then he preached a tremendous word about moving from faith to faith and glory to glory, and how our lives and ministries are to be one of progression. Then he departs to glory in his sleep the next day. Amazing finish!

This man had been mentored by all my personal heroes — Kenneth E. Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Oral Roberts, T. L. Osborn, etc. What a life he lived! He lived right and died right. I was challenged by his final message. Personally, after listening to this message, I have made several adjustments in my heart and life. That man was a great example of a life and ministry saturated with the word and full of the Spirit, which has been my personal goal since my own beginnings.

You see, very few Christians’ lives are ones of constant progression. Brother Savelle stated very candidly that to be stuck and never move from faith to faith and glory to glory is to be under a curse, and I believe he also quoted Wigglesworth saying this:

“To be the same today as you were yesterday is a backslidden condition.”

His ravenous hunger for God reminded me of my own walk with Jesus. He said that he was more hungry today at 77 years of age than he’s ever been. There were so many quotables in his message. Every believer should listen to this message. It will give you fuel and fire to run long and finish strong.


It is my own personal observation that Jerry Savelle represents a passing breed of high caliber Word and Spirit minister that is leaving the earth. I know there are a good number of heresy hunters today who highly criticise and condemn the faith stream. But let me set some of you straight right now. Again, in my humble educated opinion, this stream has more light and revelation than any other stream on the face of the earth. In fact, Louise Brock, who played the piano for AA Allen back in the 50s said that very thing.

Please don’t listen to these professional YouTubers that make a living from being the critiquing police. Their own light won’t ever burn any brighter by putting out other ministers light. This ugly group of heresy hunters are in grave danger with God. What a reverse example of Jerry Savelle’s final message! These heresy hunters are not progressing from faith to faith and glory to glory, and victory to victory, but are moving backwards from doubt to doubt and defeat to defeat. They are under an awful curse. You cannot criticize God’s worthy ministers and be blessed. It’s far more beneficial and life giving to follow true fathers in the faith as Jerry Savelle was.


Listen, if you’ve been stuck in neutral for a long time, rise up and move forward. If you can’t stand and rise and move forward, just crawl forward. God will wipe away your past in one moment of repentance and renew your heart and restore your life. No matter your age or season of life you are in, you can always begin again. Let me encourage you to begin again.

There is something so deep and marvellous about the mercy of God. A person can live for years stuck in one place and never progress much, but in a moment of time, his past can be erased for good, and counted as nothing, and his latter days restored to faith and glory and victory. And that man will enter into the Lord’s eternal reward immediately just like the thief on the cross. Oh how great is the mercy of God!

Jerry Savelle’s life is a high water marker for ministers today. We, too can move from faith to faith, and glory to glory, and victory to victory by having the same consecration and dedication to the Word and the Spirit of God as brother Savelle and all the heroes of faith did.

Let us endeavor to run long and finish strong for the glory of God.

Bert Farias' books are forerunners to personal holiness, the move of God and the return of the Lord. They also combat the departure from the faith and the turning away from the truth we are seeing in our day. His recent five-book bundle, written under a fresh anointing, is a forerunner of what the Lord is doing in His church today. His most read books are Cleansing The Temple and The Tumultuous 2020s and Beyond.

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Yes a great example of a man who knew how to continue in and to help others in the teaching of how to walk in ever increasing faith!

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