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Quit restricting those sent by God.

Pastors especially, quit being so Phariseical and hindering the movement and mobility of God’s choice servants because you don’t want to lose your influence over them. And God forbid that your vision and ministry DNA and paradigm be changed.

Our missionaries in Spain were kicked to the curb by the Colombian Sanhedrin because they didn’t bow to religious or corporate politics. They saw the harvest and didn’t want to remain within the 4 church walls as stationary laborers. Instead, they started an outside church in the park and began to mobilize laborers for the streets. The other pastors frowned on it. There are 3,000 churches in Bogota alone and yet they don’t believe in sending missionaries and supporting them. How dumb can you get!? Forgive me. I’m mad. I’ve seen our missionaries and others suffer so much neglect because of a stagnant and territorial church system.


When the Colombian government turned socialist the Martinez family left the nation and were Divinely commissioned to Spain as missionaries. As when Cortez burned his ships upon arrival in Mexico, the Martinez family did the same. No planned return.

Having left lands, houses, and families, they sold everything and departed for Spain with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Insisting that they be under our authority, we sent them according to the Acts 13 Antioch/Saul & Barnabas model and off they went.

They hit the ground running, preaching as they went. Once again, churches in Spain tried to restrict them, bind them, and turn them into slaves. But they persevered. We encouraged them to keep taking the high road and walk in love and honor.


For about 15 months now the Martinez family have been living like nomads. Place to place. House to house. Still no place to call their own. That’s tough when you have two small children.

They need a lump sum of about 20k for starters and a monthly amount of 2k to just live. We’ve already poured thousands into their mission because up till recently they have not been able to seek employment. They recently received their red card, so they can now legally work. But we prefer they stay free and mobile to move the gospel. To accomplish this with maximum fruitfulness they need our support.


Wisdom has been their portion as they manuver around the religious system we call churchianity. As is so common in nations we’ve served, pastors specialize in blocking the move of God and hindering the gospel from moving. Those territorial religious devils are everywhere. In Spain they don’t believe any ministries or missionaries should teach doctrine. Only the local churches, each to his own. It’s such a mess.

Years ago missionary David Hogan told one of his supporting church pastors to take a 3-month sabbatical and rest, and that he would oversee the church in his absence. When the pastor returned the church had tripled in size. Most pastors must die many deaths before that kind of growth can be achieved, and God can do what He wants.


Give Jesus His church. Move out of the way. Your vision and DNA are eyesores. Your corporate mentality has nothing to do with the business of the Father. You’re called to shepherd the people. That’s it. No more. You have no grace to mobilize. There is not one example of a single pastor led church in the New Testament. Why do we insist on calling every minister “pastor”? This is one of the reasons half the world hasn’t heard the gospel yet. Churches have turned themselves into religious organizations instead of multiplying exponentially as a dynamic organism.

The seed is still in the ground and has not yet become that tree that “is greater than the herbs and the birds of the air come and nest in its branches (Matthew 13:32).” Such is the Father’s will for kingdom expansion. We need a grass roots movement among true gospel heroes that will supply sending power for real missionaries, untainted by the church system, to go forth.

It’s been said that good soil to sow into financially is when missionaries have the character and the anointing to do what they’re called to do, but lack the resources. This perfectly describes the Martinez family. Even their children preach the gospel in the public school system and are making disciples. Years ago Chris read our book on raising hero children and he determined to raise his children for the gospel.

Please PM me if you or your church or home group want to partner with the Martinez family in Spain. They need our help.

Thank you for your time today.

Bert Farias’ books are forerunners to personal holiness, the move of God, and the return of the Lord. They also combat the departure from the faith and the turning away from the truth we are seeing in our day. The Real Salvation, The Real Gospel, and The Real Jesus are such books that deal with the falsehood and deception in modern Christendom today.

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Thank you Bert for such an accurate article we serve the Lord in high risk ground since 1996 and probably one of the major challenges in this kind or line of ministry is finding out that the enemy, is not the world or the 2030 agenda, is not the people and other religions, is not war and armed conflict... We count with those... The major challenge is to continue forward knowing that the church killed Jesus in the past, and sometimes they crucify Him in this present as before. Competition, jelousy, fear... Crucify the possibility for new people to believe and stay in a new church.


Great article

Been in missions over 40 years in numerous nations

Ran into all kinds of things especially when power and presence of God became tangible and Tge people began doing the miraculous as


Two of our spiritual sons also pastors in prison in Nicaragua due to what God was doing there

On Fox News and on floor House of Representatives

Last week

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