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The night is coming when no man can work-Let’s save nations, including America!

It’s our first morning back home from our ministry assignment in California. It’s a supernatural door yielding supernatural results. I neither have time nor space to expound on that here. Instead, I want to update you on the growing vision the Lord has put in my heart, while it is still day. The night is coming when no man can work.


I’ve been on a couple of recent calls with apostolic/prophetic men across our nation. We are networking to see what the Lord would have us do to expand our Holy Ghost Forums nationwide. Our hearts are also to give impetus to the evangelist in this hour and invade cities in America with on fire evangelists. This is going to take a massive cooperative effort between churches and all five ministry gifts.


This nationwide effort is still in motion with CFAN directors and evangelists to invade an entire nation with the gospel. Plans are also being made to equip ministry gifts and churches to work together to reap and preserve the massive harvest of souls that will undoubtedly come from these heart-felt efforts and prayer. This heavenly vision is a 3-5 year plan involving a 4-prong vision of evangelism, church planting, Bible training centers, and economic development. God is connecting all the pieces and all the gifts necessary to accomplish this. The devil can’t stop this; only we can, if we do not walk in love, honor, and unity and continue to prefer and defer to one another.


This one keeps getting bigger. Carolyn and I have been invited by a major council of churches in Colombia to minister apostolically and prophetically to the pastors and church leaders of a multitude of churches across this nation. And with the technology and livestream capabilities we have today, literally an entire nation can be impacted. We are so excited! There is a video clip on our page with more details.


Our former BTC graduates, now leading men in the body of Christ in Gambia, have invited us to minister in a regional conference later this year. This is another honorable and high-impact opportunity to affect many pastors and ministers in that region. Can’t wait to reunite with so many former students and disciples whom we had the privilege to teach and train in our missionary years in West Africa. This is sort of a coming home reunion.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support toward all these efforts. It takes much manpower and resources to accomplish the aforementioned vision and directives.

PM us if you’d like to sow a financial gift or partner with us in this great vision to take nations and America. We really need the body of Christ to get behind us in this strategic, high-impact, nationwide vision and assignments.

Please share with church leaders who have a heart to save nations including America.

OR text the word "Holyfire" to the number 44321

Thank you so very much.

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