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This story has caught fire with seemingly new allegations and drama unfolding each day. It’s a runaway train and continues trending all the time. We can learn much from this. If Mike had just repented from the beginning this thing would’ve been done with. Most believers identify and are sympathetic toward a humble and repentant offender. Mike’s public repentance would’ve undoubtedly been graciously received by the public, his victims’ hearts would’ve begun to heal, and a restorative disciplinary process would’ve started for Mike.

Without genuine public repentance, however, the public humiliation for Mike will keep growing. When men refuse to repent, then it’s made public before the whole Church… and now the world. This is so awful, and such a reproach to the body of Christ. This same scenario has happened with other offenders who went to their graves in humiliation and sin.


For example, Bob Jones was a sex molester. Paul Caine was a homosexual. These “prophetic” men lived long only because of God’s mercy to give these men space to repent. Think about the mercy and long-suffering of God! I heard Rick Joyner publicly say that he worked with Paul to bring him to repentance for quite some time before he died. And he still didn’t know if he made things right with God before he died. That is so painful! What is it in a man that will hold onto his darling lust even when he is in danger of hell-fire? I can’t understand that. Is it not better in these kind of cases to turn men over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh, so their spirits can be saved? (1 Cor. 5)

Roberts Liardon has been wrestling with the sin of homosexuality for his entire life. I know of personal friends and ministers who made repeated attempts to bring him to his senses. But like a dog, Roberts kept returning to his vomit. The churches he started would grow and then when his sinful, sexual, and perverted allegations were confirmed his church would close down. But he would move across the country and start another church and it would grow. This has been his pattern.

When things go on like this we are not even supposed to associate with such a one. Instead we are to count him as a heathen. But where is this done? We think it’s love, but it’s pure hate. You don’t love a man’s soul when you follow a man like that because he’s popular or a best selling author or just has a name. How can so called Christians attend his church with that kind of lifestyle following him everywhere he goes? We should be mourning! A man like that is hell-bound until sincere repentance is found.


I tell you friends, that homosexual gay demon is the most gripping of all demons! Even other demons will not associate with those kind. And so many Christians pet them. They continue to be loose in our churches because leadership never deals thoroughly with them. The Church is to blame.

And why do men and ministers continue on in their sexual sin? Is it not because they justify it because God continues to use them? But the gifts and callings are irrevocable and men mistake it for God’s approval.

The clear absence of genuine repentance is the door the thief has found to gain access and entrance into a Church that refuses to hate. Yes, you heard that right. The Son of God was anointed with the oil of gladness because He hated sin, lawlessness, and iniquity. Hate has been transformed into a bad ugly word by the world and we, the Church, took the bait and conformed to their own definition of it.

Let’s return to true repentance and righteousness and quit using the world as our measuring stick for our standard. Local leaders, rise up and hold the line. This change begins with you. And to Mike Bickle — the Church awaits your sincere repentance, and will graciously forgive you and so will your broken victims, and healing can begin for all, and we can all move on in the abounding grace of God.

Bert Farias’ books are forerunners to personal holiness, the move of God, and the return of the Lord. They also combat the departure from the faith and the turning away from the truth we are seeing in our day. The Real Salvation, The Real Gospel, and The Real Jesus are such books that deal with the falsehood and deception in modern Christendom today.

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