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During my recent health challenge Carolyn Ryan Farias received two ‘rhema’ words from the Lord that produced clarity and understanding.

The Holy Spirit revealed the WHY.

“Your husband is a John the Baptist-like one, and this is a demonic attack to cut off his head and silence his voice.”

This is not a singled out word to make me some special one. There are many like me who are of the same company and are being used by the Lord in these last days to prepare the way for the Lord’s return. All of my books are a part of my voice to this generation. If you read them, there will be a profound impact and sanctifying effect on your inward man. They impart a spirit of holiness and the fear of the Lord.


I had severe complications from a stroke I had in March of 2020. The chemistry in my brain was altered and anxiety led to serious insomnia, which then led to depression and mental problems. I was on the verge of being institutionalized, which would’ve permanently cut off my head and silenced my voice. BUT GOD! That’s when my wife Carolyn received another word from the Lord. Thank God for a wife who hears from Him. She is an amazing vessel of the Lord with an anointing to pray. And thank God also for our dear friends who also prayed for us during this hard trial.

You see, as a last resort, the doctors on my case wanted to perform some electro-shock treatments on my brain (ECTs) to induce a brief seizure in order to shock my brain back into reality. Neither I nor Carolyn wanted to sign for it. The devil was in my head telling me they were trying to kill me, and I was believing it. And Carolyn didn’t want to be responsible for it if those treatments didn’t help me. She did not want to live with guilt for the rest of her life. But finally, when they threatened me with being institutionalized I finally did sign the form authorizing them to start the ECTs.

Carolyn was praying and asking the Lord about it, when He said this to her:

“Look at these ECTs as Me laying hands on Bert and My power going into him.”

Remember that all during this time, Carolyn is fighting her own health challenges. She had reconstructive surgery to remove a cancerous growth from her leg. Due to major complications she had 7 surgeries, and at this writing, is still recovering and receiving her own treatments.


Rhema words from the Lord, that is, Spirit-breathed words, can change the course and direction of your life and put you into a stronger faith mode. This is exactly what happened to Carolyn and I. Faith begins where the knowledge of God’s will is known. If you don’t know the will of God, which is first found in His Word, how can you possibly fight the GOOD fight of faith? You can’t fight the devil. He’ll whip you every time due to your unbelief and ignorance of God’s will. Our fight is the fight of faith. And notice, it’s a good fight (1 Tim. 6:12). A good fight is a fight that you win. The key to victory is our faith. It is our faith that overcomes the world (1 John 5:4). Much of this generation knows nothing about faith.

When you stay in the sense realm being affected by all the adverse circumstances and what you see and feel, and what the doctors report tells you, you will likely lose the battle, but if you keep the devil in the faith realm with the word of God, you’ll put him on the run every time.

After only the first ECT Carolyn noticed the difference in my voice on the phone immediately. I was finally making some sense. Also, my voice had been a whisper, but now was louder. She rejoiced. I would go on to receive another 15-20 treatments, and each time my mind got clearer and I got stronger. And my voice got louder. Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!!


Shortly after I was discharged from the hospital a year ago this month fresh revelation began to come to me, and two more books were birthed in me, the first has already been published, THE SUPERNATURAL CHURCH OF LOVE AND POWER. The second one is on the way, A TIME OF RESTORATION. I can’t wait till the body of Christ and those God has appointed, reads these books. Friends have told me that even my articles, blogs, and posts I write have a fresh new anointing on them. That’s not me, folks. That’s the grace and glory of God on the pen of a ready writer. PTL!


Another work that was done in my heart as a result of this furnace of affliction and trial of fire I was in was LOVE. The love of God is so much deeper and richer in me. I love everyone I look at. It’s beyond me and simply amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I recognize it as a manifestation of Ephesians 3:14-21 in Paul’s prayer for the saints.


And thirdly, because heaven has become so real to me, I’ve lost the fear of death. I’m not afraid of covid (spell-check just wanted to capatilize the word, but I minimized it). No glory for covid. Haha! I will not wear a mask unless they require it in places of business and flights. I will never get any vaccine. I am not scared. I do not live a minute in any fear. I will travel to 5 nations this year and over 20 states without hesitation. The devil is a liar and a loser. In Christ I am a winner and I don’t have to get down with that clown.

The early apostles changed their world because THEY WERE NOT AFRAID TO DIE. American Christians are too soft. Most can’t even speak to their neighbor about Christ. This must change if we are going to see a move of God in our nation.

PS Behind every effective voice for God is a praying woman.

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