You can’t withdraw from that which has not been deposited. That’s true both naturally and spiritually.

From my early beginnings I’ve always been blessed by the Lord with a ravenous spiritual appetite for wisdom and truth and the standard of what is found in the Scriptures. In the pics below you will find a few stacks of old notebooks and study materials gathered in my early years of study. Since the arrival of the internet I’ve kept everything in files and folders on my computer and iPhone. I’m talking thousands upon thousands of study notes.

The withdrawals I’m now making from these decades of deposits are coming forth in abundance. In books. In audio and video teachings. In our travels and meetings. In our Holy Ghost Forums. In conferences. In fathering and mentoring others. I wake up with utterance. I go to bed with utterance. There is an urgency in my spirit to write everything down. To get in front of a camera and just share the burden of my heart and life. Four books on one theme in the past year, and a dozen in the last decade. And more are coming…it’s my life’s greatest work, the Lord said. So why wouldn’t I be diligent with that directive?

Who do you think God intended those for? For me? No! It’s for YOU: church leaders, ministers, and saints in the body of Christ. But many are asleep and have no real hunger for wisdom and truth. So the Lord recently led me to start translating my books for the nations.

I have spiritual sons and former students in the nations that I send my manuscripts to even before I publish them. They are hungry! But in America it’s just another book, and the comsi, comsa, yawning type of twittle-your-thumbs attitude prevails. Many ministers and authors want the glory of writing their own books, but not too interested in reading those of others. They rejoice in what they’ve done, but God forbid that others should out-succeed them; whatever that means.

Can you rejoice in others accomplishments or are you burning with jealousy and envy because you don’t have the same measure of grace they’ve been given, so you labor in the flesh in vain to produce outside your own grace. This is America, people! This is most of the American Church and ministry! Most of ministry here is a big rat race for popularity. Get a grip. Grow some discernment.

Do I think I’m special? Not at all. But I know I’m a friend of God, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be, and I know my sphere