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Too Busy?

I believe the number one stronghold and deterrent in modern Christianity is simply busy-ness in the flesh and a hasty spirit. I miss my early missionary life where I could enter a village and sit under a tree in the shade sipping tea or a soft drink and speak to the villagers about God.

There is an urgency at times even as Jesus taught when he commanded His disciples not to engage in long eastern greetings along the way on a gospel mission. Actually, I have an urgency in my spirit these days I’ve never had before.

But the other angle on this is that we are living in a day where too many Christians are too deeply engaged in the non-essentials. Too busy. Even pastors and church leaders are guilty of this. I was that way until the Lord downloaded the following word into my spirit during a concentrated time of prayer and fasting 20 years ago. He got my attention through this delightful pristine word that still captivates my heart today. It gives me maximum edification and encouragement every time I read it.

“Take the steps I tell you to take and leave the results to Me. Don’t try to figure it out in your head, but follow Me with your heart. Don’t be concerned about what is next until you’ve fulfilled what is now. Disentangle yourself from the next and entangle yourself in the now. Remember your tendencies to run ahead. Guard against this hastiness, for I do not order the steps of hasty feet.

“Hasty feet are untimely feet. They move before the time. They are out of sync with heaven’s rhythm and rhyme. Slopes they come down on, but on hills and mountains they cannot climb. They are strong in the flesh, but weak in the Spirit. Do not put your trust in hasty feet. I alone will order your feet to run and not be weary as you wait on Me. And I will cause you to walk on high places and not faint.

“You are in the school of discipline and part of the training is to break the bondage and yoke of hastiness off you. You must be cleared of this to fly. For they that wait upon the Lord shall mount up their wings as eagles. Wait on Me, and you will see My favor and My glory.”

Since that word I’m much more measured about what I give my time to and what I’m busy with, and how fast I move. Although I’m running faster than I ever have before due to divine assignments the Lord has entrusted me with and the urgency of the times we are living in, I’m also learning to stay in the moment a lot more now. Also, I’ve developed my patience to a far greater degree. It is a life saving fruit of the spirit.

Also, I find that since I committed to be led by His Spirit, I’m not nearly as busy.

Some people say that there is not enough time in a day to do all they have to do. Of course, they are wrong. And they are walking too much according to the dictates of the flesh.

Walk in the Spirit and time will always be your friend.

Jesus was patient while being in a hurry. After all, He was the wisdom of God.

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Seth Roach
Seth Roach
Aug 29, 2022

Always timely words. Forever appreciate you and Caroly’s stirring us on to love and good deeds but most of all to have our heart motives pure and in sync with heaven. Bless you guys and love you.


Aug 29, 2022

Amen yes

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