I’ve been posting short teachings on the gifts to water in some and plant in others. The holy fire will always be there, but for me, it’s a season of watering now, so God can give the increase. Time is short. It’s a 180 degree turn for me, especially in my last four books. It’s the watering of the Word now so the younger can learn quicker.

The theme of 1 Corinthians 14:5 runs through the first 25 verses of this chapter: “except he interpret”. The purpose of the gifts is for edification. Have you ever asked yourself what edification really means? People say it means to be built up, but where and how does that exactly happen? And what’s the difference between spiritual edification and just an emotional stirring or a good feeling?

The spiritual always hits the target. That which is soulish goes in circles. You don’t need a lot of empty and flowery words to set people free or refresh, exhort, and comfort them. The anointing breaks the yoke. Edification brings a strength, and a fortifying to your spirit. Soulish words don’t do it.


Mom Goodwin was like a spiritual grandma to me. Although I never knew her personally, I have fed from her and Dad Goodwin's life and ministry via videos, CDs, books, and old cassette tapes. God put a hunger in me for spiritual things very early in my walk. Even today I have a ravenous appetite for pure truth and gems and nuggets of the true wisdom of God. Even with wisdom, there is a man kind of wisdom (soulish) and a God kind wisdom (spiritual), but a casual observer cannot distinguish the two.

Back to Mom Goodwin. She was tough and didn’t mince words. Most old timers were like that.

“Watch out for those with smooth words and a slimy tongue; they are always of the devil.” — Smith Wigglesworth

One time a young Kenneth Copeland gave a prophecy in one of Mom’s meetings. She noted the soulish a