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Praise the Lord! Yesterday was the first pain free day in many months for her. She is nearly 6 weeks out since the surgery. Her therapist is pleased with her progress. Although I am traveling to Gambia for three weeks for another great nationwide evangelistic invasion (Nov 28-Dec 19), we are looking forward to enjoying the upcoming holidays, and then hitting the road together for a full schedule of ministry in 2024.

We’ve been quiet about Carolyn’s long 3-year struggle with her health. She’s a private person and prefers it that way. I’ve been taking care of her since her surgery nearly 6 weeks ago. The Word of God exhorts us to cast our cares on the Lord, not on Facebook.

Although the funds for our evangelistic invasion have been coming in, we have some medical bills and personal expenses that we could use help with, especially through the holiday season. In these last 3 years we’ve had some wonderful opportunities to see the faithfulness of Jesus, and He has taken care of us, through the love and obedience of His people.

Many thanks to our dear friends and core of partners for your care and support during these hard years. We can finally see the finish line, and we believe the best is yet ahead!

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