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She's probably gonna kill me for putting up this photo, but it's reality. And I just happen to think that she looks beautiful in most any attire, even a hospital gown. When I came in yesterday she was sleeping, so I snapped a couple of photos, but I have since replaced them with this one. And as you can see, she is in good spirits.

UPDATE: The surgery went well. Doctor said her knee was shot. The only reason they didn't operate on her earlier is that they had to wait for her other surgical leg to commpletely heal and close (remember, she's had several surgeries on that leg to remove a cancerous growth and undo the malpractice of that first surgery). Thus her body was misaligned and her back was in constant pain. My woman has suffered so much in these last three years, and it has greatly hindered her spiritual capacity. We feel like we need to catch up in our prayers. In fact, I asked God to give me a greater neasure of His glory and grace to compensate for Carolyn's lack, and He has been faithful, as I've written 6 books in the last two years - all messages for the end-time Church. And I've come into a fresh new spirit of prayer. PTL!


The good news is that the knee replacement surgery was successful. However, Carolyn had to be kept overnight for observation and pain management. I was with her three different times yesterday, and she has already begun her physical therapy and is in good spirits. We thank God for His faithfulness and the support and prayers of dear friends.

At times friends have asked us what we need. Honestly and candidly, we need money. You see, due to Carolyn's condition, we've only been able to travel limitedly the last three years. About 50% of our budget comes from our USA road offerings. Furthermore, our international outreaches and base developments do not stop. Thousands of dollars are needed to help establish our missionary bases, and our various campaigns and travels. There are plans in the making that would amaze you and that need to be accelerated through increased prayer, partnerships, and the generosity of the body of Christ. We are an end-time ministry moving in end-time glory and fire. We are appropriately named. This is the reason the devil's attempts to hinder us were so severe. But thank God, this is all working toward the greater glory of God's purposes.

We are not complaining because these are all opportunities to witness God's faithfulness. This was a demonic assignment against both of us to set us back, and even discourage us and make us quit. We are reaching retirement age, and we feel in many ways that we are just starting. The Lord said this was to be the most fruitful decade of our lives and ministry. Honestly, how can you retire from the Lord's service? We have more opportunities now than ever before. America and the nations are ripening for a move of God while the judgment of the nations has already begun, and the greatest harvest to ever be witnessed on planet earth is still ahead.

Please contact us privately if you'd like to partner with our ministry in prayer and in finances. I believe the greatest eternal value is on the funding of the end time harvest. Don't heap up treasure and allow your silver and gold to be corrupted in these days of great harvest. Don't be caught living in luxury while the wages of the Lord's laborers and reapers who are working the harvest fields of the nations cry out. Just saying...

Read James 5 and let the Lord speak to you about the importance of funding the end-time harvest. Some in the body of Christ have been blessed with wealth, are specifically and especially called to this end time funding.

In spite of our recent sufferings, though, Jesus is Lord, and all is turning for the Lord's glory. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support!

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