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I’ve asked the Lord for a few more strong years of international travel while it is still day, because the night is coming where no man can work.

We have relationships all over the world and a few good works planted. But in this season of my life, I am narrowing my options as the Lord leads me. He told me to father and teach. My heart is to do more ministers/shepherds/elders conferences, big or small. The doors are more open overseas. In Gambia we are starting a college of shepherds and elders. Fancy name. But it’s just an Acts 20 school when Paul gave that great farewell speech to the elders. I haven’t been able to do that here. America has too many talking heads. Pride of knowledge and competition are kings. Very little hunger like I see in other nations. I pray this changes quickly. There is a move brewing here, and I believe it is growing. But it is not in celebrity Christianity.It’s more underground.

The Lord also spoke to me back in the winter of 2002 and told me that writing was my life’s greatest work. I had very little then. Twenty years later now, almost 20 books. PTL! Obedience always pays more than it costs.


There are many wood, hay, and straw books in the world and plenty of them in Christendom. Every time I write, and that is nearly always, I ask the Lord for GOLD. Why would He say its my life’s greatest work and not anoint me to do it? Makes no sense. There has been abundant grace to write and the anointing seems to keep increasing.

One old timer read my recent books, but couldn’t think or receive outside his old traditional paradigm. Jesus said it: “many will say the old is better.” My books prepare us for the new and what’s coming without disregarding the old. But in order to hold the new wine many changes must be made. Some can’t flow with the new, and as a result, many works will diminish and even die.

If you are a mouth in the body of Christ those who feed you will receive great reward. A mouth has the primary function of speaking. The greatest mouths are those whose speech and preaching is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in the demonstration of the Spirit and power of God. Oracles of God is what we need in this hour.

The separation will soon be seen.


Carolyn and I aren’t done yet. Next year it looks like Spain, Australia, and our beloved Gambia and Guinea Bissau again. In America we still go to some churches but Holy Ghost Forums are our continued assignment. Join us here in Windham, NH for our next one on September 22-23. They will be live-streamed to the nations because that’s where the hunger is.

In the meantime, we need our friends to feed us 😇. Prayerfully consider helping to send us.

In His Glad Service,

Bert & Carolyn

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