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Dear brother Bert and sister C,

I wanted to give a testimony of the forums we have attended. There is in no way without literally writing a book to share all that God has done in our lives through the deposits we have received in the Holy Ghost forums. During the forums we have experienced and witnessed the free flow of the Holy Spirit and the submitting to one another in the fear of Christ. Those seasoned saints that help lead the meetings truly are looking to the Holy Spirit's guidance and not one meeting is the same. There is a real sense of honoring the Lord's guidance and not trying to produce a good meeting.

I remember one meeting in NH where God was doing a deep heart work in my life and dealt with some things that were holding me back in my relationship with God. I had been praying about this unseen barrier. I kept coming up against it and it was the ministry of the Holy Spirit that brought to light the need to forgive not only myself but also to let go of things I was holding against God for things that I had gone through that were difficult. God's goodness and faithfulness were restored in my heart and breakthrough was the result.

In a few different meetings at different forums we attended my family and I received specific words from the Lord ministered to us prophetically that have been proven to be vital both directionally and have helped produce faith for taking steps forward in the ministry God has called us to. In fact in one meeting our whole family was called forward and set apart by the Holy Spirit of the ministry He called us to and that obedient step taken by the forum panel has led our family into the life and ministry we are in now full-time.

On another note brother Bert has stated that some things are better caught than taught and I can testify to that in these meetings there is something that is imparted through demonstration that I have not seen or received anywhere else. My wife has begun to flow in tongues and interpretation corporately since these meetings. I have also stepped into this gifting corporately as well. I have also really learned more of the function of the interpreter which is much more than just being able to interpret a tongue. This understanding has proven to be a real blessing as God has used me in the area of giving clarity to His moving in meetings when at times there is confusion or little understanding.

We have made amazing relationships with different saints at these meetings as well and we always are tremendously edified in the Lord. There is such a sense of family in the Lord and sweet fellowship that we also look forward to seeing everyone again. — S. and V. R.

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